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Global Encounter: Two alumni leave jobs, travel the world

Feb. 3, 2012

by Gloria Lee

Two Baylor University alumni have left the status quo for a journey that is more than a trip around the world or vacation. Throughout this year, Toby Tull, BBA '07-Information Systems, and David Aycock, BBA '07-Marketing, will travel to 26 countries and more than 40,000 miles, an idea called Global Encounter.

Global Encounter

"I think our time at Baylor significantly influenced Global Encounter," Tull said. "My MIS degree and David's Marketing degree have certainly been utilized, and so many friends from Baylor have helped make it possible."

They began their trip in New Zealand, completing activities like walking through Tongariro Crossing (film setting of Lord of the Rings), skydiving in Kaikoura, and hiking through Fjordland National Park.

They are currently in China. After China, Global Encounter plans to go to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal, with 18 more countries following. To see all stops, view their Global Itinerary.

Tull and Aycock invite everyone to join them in their experience of different cultures and helping others.

"Global Encounter doesn't just involve the two of us," Tull and Aycock say on their website. "It involves all the people we'll encounter along the way: the taxi driver from the airport to the hostel, the other backpackers on the trail, the fisherman at the market, and most importantly, you."

Global Encounter includes an education component as well. More than 600 elementary students have joined Tull and Aycock on their journey using interactive technology and videos offered on the GE Student Website and the GE travel Companion, an activity book. The students will also help plan parts of the trip.

Global Encounter also includes a special experience for the patients of Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Tull and Aycock have taken the Cook Children's mascot, Safety Bear, with them. Safety Bear will send postcards, pictures and fun items to the children.

All can join Tull and Aycock on Global Encounter. They have a video blog, Facebook, Twitter, email updates and more.

They also offer interactive polls. The current poll is, "What bizarre drink would you like to see David and Toby ingest in China?!"

"This is an adventure, purposeful and intentional, to engage cultures and people so that all may gain invaluable perspective," Tull said.

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