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Baylor University Publishes Quarterly Real Estate Research Report

Jan. 10, 2012

Topics include using social media to generate sales and starting a search engine marketing campaign

Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business has published its quarterly Keller Center Research Report, an online compendium of academic articles focused on residential real estate research and summaries of scholarly journal articles and books relevant to real estate sales agents.

The report takes a look at distinct marketing approaches to three generations of American homebuyers and covers such topics as using social media marketing to generate sales and starting a search engine marketing campaign.

"A practitioner wants to know immediately how to put research findings into practice. Most academic papers, however, include very general implications, often in an abbreviated form at the close of the paper," said Andrea L. Dixon, Ph.D., executive director for the Keller Center for Research, the Center for Professional Selling and The Frank M. and Floy Smith Holloway Professor in Marketing at Baylor.

"In the Keller Center Research Report, leading scholars from the U.S. and around the world are engaging with Baylor as we translate the most current academic research for the residential real estate professional. Top research, tailored for the residential real estate agent, and delivered to his or her phone, iPad or desktop each quarter."

Academic articles in this issue are authored by faculty from Baylor University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Missouri State University, Bentley University, Kennesaw State University and Profiles International.

They include "How to Reduce Client's Perceived Availability of Alternative Agents and Increase Client Retention," by Brian Rutherford, Ph.D., Scott B. Friend, Ph.D., and G. Alexander Hamwi, Ph.D.; "To Pay or Not to Pay - Understanding Consumer Willingness to Pay for Professional Services," by Nada Nasr Bechwati, D.B.A.; "Necessary Condition #7 - The Right Approach Method," by Charles Fifield, M.B.A.; and "Three American Generations and the Real Estate Marketer," by Stan Madden, Ph.D.

Insider articles include "Listen, Contribute, Connect - Leveraging Social Media Marketing for Real Estate," by Dennis Thé, MBA candidate; "Socially Identifying with Clients," by Amanda Holmes, Ph.D.; and "Establishing an Effective Search Engine Marketing Campaign," by Mark Tarro, MBA candidate.

"The competitive and unpredictable nature of the real estate industry presents agents with an explicit need to differentiate themselves among consumers in highly competitive markets.

The Keller Center provides insightful research and practical tools to help real estate professionals build successful and meaningful careers in the real estate industry," said Curtis Schroeder, assistant director of the Keller Center and the Center for Professional Selling.

The Keller Center focuses its studies on factors that influence individual homebuyers in their decisions, as well as marketing and management issues that are important to real estate agencies and small businesses. Baylor University established the Center in 2007 following a donation from Gary Keller, founder and chairman of Keller-Williams Realty International.

To download a PDF copy of the report, follow this link:

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