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Story Date
First Dallas Holdings, Texas Family Business of the Year (Audio) 12/21/2006
100-Year-Old Man Finally Receives College Degree (In the News) 12/20/2006
Better Late Than Never (In the News) 12/20/2006
Carlton group takes on Signet6 (In the News) 12/20/2006
Pensioner Awarded His Degree Decades Later (In the News) 12/20/2006
100-Year-Old Man Finally Receives His College Degree (In the News) 12/19/2006
100-Year-Old Texan Who Left University in 1929 Finally Receives Degree (In the News) 12/19/2006
Baylor University Graduates Man, Now 100, Who Left Shy of a Credit During the Depression (In the News) 12/19/2006
How Thinly-Sliced Pickles Relate to the Art of Negotiation (Audio) 12/18/2006
What Hostage Negotiation Teaches Us About Creating Value (Audio) 12/18/2006
The Roth Route (In the News) 12/15/2006
Baylor's window to the business world 12/14/2006
Escapees RV Club, Texas Family Business of the Year (Audio) 12/14/2006
Ethics -- from U.S. to Ukraine 12/14/2006
How to Keep More of What You Make (In the News) 12/14/2006
International partners: passport to knowledge 12/14/2006
Now is the Time for Marketers to Think Less Material, More Kindness (In the News) 12/14/2006
Translating research and nuance to Chinese 12/14/2006
New Course in Forensic Economics Teaches Students How to Assess Damages in Litigation 12/8/2006
Bears Doing Business at Baylor Gold Pages 12/7/2006
Cedar Eaters of Texas, Texas Family Business of the Year (Audio) 12/7/2006
Pulliam Pools, Texas Family Business of the Year (Audio) 12/4/2006
The 81-Year Degree Plan: BBA Degree Awarded to Oldest Recipient in History of Baylor University 12/4/2006

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