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Why Target-Date Funds Don’t Work for Many Investors
The Wall Street Journal: William Reichenstein, professor of Finance, writes about target-date funds and the misconception that they work for every investor in a target age group.

Study on Chief Diversity Officers and Faculty Hiring
Inside Higher Ed: Professor of Entrepreneurship Steven Bradley, professor of Finance James Garven and professors of Economics Wilson Law and James West are co-authors of a new working paper published on "The Impact of Chief Diversity Officers on Diverse Faculty Hiring."

4 Ways to Get a Sale Price When There Isn't a Sale
The New York Times: Professor of Management Emily Hunter is featured in this article about the abilities of consumers to find lower prices.

4 Ways to Get a Sale Price When There Isn’t a Sale
Associated Press: This piece features expert in negotiation and professor of Management Emily Hunter who discusses consumers' ability to find a lower price.

New Research Shows How The Average Retiree May Be Torpedoed
Markets Insider: Research is provided by professor of Finance, William Reichenstein, showing the impact of taxes on a retiree.

When ‘Religiosity’ Competes with Materialism, Charitable Giving Takes a Hit
[8/22/2018] Recent research by Marketing professors James Roberts and Meredith David uncovers the relationship between religiosity and charitable giving.

1 Million Square Feet of Development Potentially on Horizon in Waco
Waco Tribune-Herald: Retired professor of Economics, Tom Kelly, is quoted in the discussion about the challenges and expectations of a growing economy in McLennan County.

Interview with Baylor University - Online MBA Program
Online MBA Report: The associate director of Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business' Online MBA program, Mary Reinhardt, discusses aspects of the Online MBA program, including rankings and what makes the Baylor program unique.

The UCA Cash Flow Statement under Review
An article from Comments, a newsletter for lending professionals, cites a paper by Drs. Ernest Fletcher and John T. Rose advocating that statements of cash flow should be included in the university Finance curriculum. It is the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the UCA cash flow statement to the domain of credit assessment.

$2.99 or $3.00? Will the Difference of a Penny Get You to the Checkout Counter?
[7/30/2018] This article focuses on the research by professor of Marketing Lingjiang Lora Tu, who studied the success of pricing strategies to determine if prices ending in "9" led to higher purchases.

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