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Are You ‘Phubbing’ Right Now? What It Is and Why Science Says It’s Bad for Your Relationships
The Washington Post: This article delves deeply into research by professors of marketing Meredith David and James Roberts on the subject of "phone snubbing," or "phubbing."

6 Ways to Practice Lagom, the Swedish Secret to a Balanced, Happy Life
TIME: Professors of management Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu are cited in this article on the Swedish lifestyle practice of 'lagom,' specifically for their research on work-life balance and the best times of day to take work breaks.

How Defy Ventures Lets Inmates Pitch a Business 'Shark Tank' Style, and Equips Them With Job Skills
CNBC: This article highlights the work of the Baylor Prison Entrepreneurship Program through Defy Ventures.

Video: How Financial Planning Began
Investopedia: Professor of finance Tom Potts is interviewed in this piece about the history of financial planning.

Five Signs That Your Marriage Might Be Destined to Hit the Rocks
Yahoo! News: Professor of marketing James Roberts is featured as an expert in this piece about marriage-destroying habits, specifically about his research on "phubbing," or "phone snubbing."

Should Puerto Rico Default?
Mises Institute: This article by entrepreneurship professor Peter Klein discusses his thoughts on President Trump's comments about Puerto Rico and whether the island should default on its public debt.

Four Bad Habits That Executives Should Nix
The Economist: Executive Director of the Keller Center for Research and the Center for Professional Selling, Andrea Dixon, is a featured expert in this article about behaviors and habits that C-suite executives should avoid.

Work-Life Balance Policies Help Keep the Black Ink Flowing
Rochester Business Journal: The research of professors of management Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu on the contribution of work breaks to work-life balance is the focus of this article.

Baylor Professor on the Responses to NFL Protests
Baylor Lariat: Executive Director of Sports, Sponsorship & Sales, Kirk Wakefield, is interviewed on the NFL protests and the impact of the response by the NFL fanbase.

When Agents Fail, They Need You Most
Realtor Magazine: This piece reviews research from the 2016 Baylor University Keller Center Research Report about sales performance failure and how the "error management" approach can more successfully help real estate agents recover after failure.

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