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Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas
WalletHub: Professor of marketing Meredith David is a featured expert in this article about car insurance in Texas.

Audio: Business Review: Getting to the Bottom of the Bottom-Line Mentality
KWBU (NPR): Research by Matt Quade, professor of management, has found that when the main focus of leaders is the bottom-line, such thinking can have negative consequences on the business.

AICPA Recognizes 2021 Top CPA Exam Performers with Elijah Watt Sells Award
AICPA: Baylor alum Derek Rezler (MTax '21) was announced as one of only 57 winners of the Elijah Watt Sells Award out of 72,000 individuals who sat for the CPA Exam in 2021.

Audio: Business Review: Making an About-Face in Business
KWBU (NPR): Entrepreneurship professor Matthew Wood shares data-driven predictors to help entrepreneurs decide when to pivot.

Edgy Ad Campaign for Christian TV Series Gets Mixed Reviews
Boston Globe: Professor of marketing Tyrha Lindsey-Warren is quoted in this article about a disruptive advertising campaign for a popular Christian TV series.

Audio: Dr. Matt Quade - Ethical Leadership, Moral Courage and Feedback Culture
Convos with Clay: Matt Quade, Director of Ethics and Leadership at Baylor Business, discusses ethical leadership and moral courage.

Audio: Business Review: Valuing Audiences of Color
KWBU (NPR): Marketing professor Tyrha Lindsey-Warren discusses the findings of her research into the unintended effects of minority discounts in the advertising space.

Audio: Business Review: Alumni Affiliation
KWBU (NPR): Professor of accounting Owen Brown discusses research on whether firms that hire former employees to audit them show bias.

How to Successfully Shift From “Work Mode” to “Family Mode”
Fatherly: Professor of Management Kaylee Hackney and an employee well-being expert discusses how to shift from work mode to family mode when working from home.

Craig Underwood Receives the 2022 Robert M. Shipley Award®
American Gem Society: Craig Underwood, CGA, (BBA - Marketing and Entrepreneurship '84) was bestowed the American Gem Society's (AGS) most prestigious honor, the Robert M. Shipley Award®.

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