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10 Hilariously Awkward Moments Realtors Have Had During House Showings
Reader's Digest: This article about funny and awkward moments experienced by real estate agents quotes past research from the Keller Center for Research which found that a sense of humor is important for real estate professionals to better engage with customers.

Retirees, Consider This Valuable New Strategy for Passing Iras to Your Heirs
Kiplinger: Professor of Finance William Reichenstein is quoted in this article about the benefits of leaving heirs tax-deferred accounts.

5 Counterintuitive Ways to Beat Distractions at Work
Fast Company: Professors of Management Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu are cited in this article for their research about reducing distractions at work.

How Retirees Can Avoid Higher Medicare Premiums
The Wall Street Journal: Professor of Finance William Reichenstein writes about how retirees can adjust gross income to ensure, when possible, avoiding higher Medicare premiums.

9 Hidden Secrets for a Complete Happiness Transformation
Thought Catalog: A study about gratitude by professor of Marketing, James Roberts, is cited in this article about ways to improve happiness.

Audio: How to Easily Negotiate (Almost) Anything & Why You Need the Rat Race
Something You Should Know: Professor of Management Emily Hunter is interviewed for her expert advice on negotiation tips and tricks.

What is Phubbing and Why It's Destroying Your Love Life
Medium: Smartphone research by professors of Marketing James Roberts and Meredith David is cited in this article about phone snubbing, or "phubbing."

5 Realistic Ways to Stop Checking Your Phone All the Time
Vice: This article about smartphone addiction quotes research by professors of Marketing James Roberts and Meredith David who found that "phubbing," or phone snubbing, can damage romantic relationships.

Even If You Don't Know What Phubbing Is, You're Probably Doing It
Yahoo: Cited in this article about smartphone addiction is the research of expert and professor of Marketing James Roberts, who found that smartphone addiction can damage romantic relationships and lead to depression.

Will the Supreme Court's Sports Betting Decision Provide Revenue or Send Texas Down a Dark Path?
Dallas Observer: Professor of Economics Earl Grinols is quoted as an expert on the economic and societal effects of gambling for his insight on the impact the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on sports betting.

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