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Return on Generosity (ROG): New Metrics for a New Generation of Sports Fans
Forbes: Kirk Wakefield, executive director of Sports Sponsorship & Sales, penned this column about how the positive impact of sports partnerships can be amplified by brand category leaders.

10 Ways Brand Partnerships Can Promote Sustainability in the Post-COVID Sports Industry
Forbes: Executive director of the Sports Sponsorship & Sales program Kirk Wakefield authored this piece about 10 ways brands can partner with sports teams to make changes for good.

Introverts vs. Extroverts: How Personality Traits Affect Working From Home
CTV: Sara Perry, professor of management, is interviewed for her research which found that employees with low emotional stability have more difficulty thriving in remote work settings.

Surveilling Employees Who Work From Home Could Do More Harm Than Good
Fast Company: Cited in this article is research by professor of management Dawn Carlson and professor of information systems John Carlson who found that employees of companies who monitor software usage report greater tension and less job satisfaction.

Thanks to Coronavirus, Expect Ratings for Live Sports Broadcasts to Set Records
Forbes: Kirk Wakefield, marketing professor, writes about the pent-up demand for sports due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Can Fans Recall NFL, NBA and MLB Sponsors? Data Show Brands May Want to Reconsider Strategy
Forbes: Marketing professor Kirk Wakefield reviews the results of a national poll showing which brands and sports leagues fare best with fan memory recall.

Losing Your Own Business Is Worse Than Losing a Salaried Job
Brookings Up Front: Research by Boris Nikolaev, professor of entrepreneurship, is cited in which he found that losing one's business is more psychologically damaging than losing a salaried job.

Trump’s Virus Drug Whim Costs Millions, Even as the Mania Wanes
Bloomberg: Marketing professor James Roberts is quoted in this piece about Trump's influence, power and reach in the marketplace.

Audio: Millions of Americans Are Working From Home During the COVID-19 Crisis
Texas Public Radio: Management professor Sara Perry was a guest on an episode of "The Source" about the benefits and challenges of working from home.

Audio: Baylor Connections: Pedro Reyes
Baylor Connections: Pedro Reyes, associate professor of operations and supply chain management, shares his lessons in "Supply Chain 101" and ways that supply chain professionals can process current challenges.

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