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Audio: Business Review: The Power of Nines
KWBU (NPR): Lora Tu, professor of Marketing, discusses the power of prices that end in nine and its impact on a buyer's perception.

How to Leverage Data to More Effectively Manage Your Remote Employees
eWeek: Featured in this article is research by Baylor Business professors John Carlson and Dawn Carlson who found that technology-based job monitoring increases job tension and lowers job satisfaction, resulting in higher turnover.

That Extra Penny in Retirement Income Can Really Cost You
The Wall Street Journal: William Reichenstein, professor emeritus of finance and expert on Social Security and retirement, is quoted in this article about how retirees' qualified charitable deductions can reduce the income that determines their Medicare bracket.

2020 iPhone Survey – 36% of Americans Plan To Reduce Cell Phone Cost Due To COVID-19
Wallet Hub: Referenced in this article is a study by marketing professors James Roberts and Meredith David who found that smartphone use during the pandemic boosted people's sense of well-being and connectedness.

Social Security Changes Coming in 2021
U.S. News & World Report: Quoted in this article about important Social Security adjustments coming in 2021 is expert and emeritus professor of finance William Reichenstein.

Escape From 2020: A Case To Separate Sports and Politics for More Fans and Higher Ratings
Forbes: Kirk Wakefield, marketing professor and executive director of Sports Strategy & Sales, penned this column about the connection between sports and politics and how national teams can target marketing to specific audiences.

As the Texas Restaurant Industry Struggles, So Do Farmers, Truckers and Others in the Food Supply Chain
Texas Tribune: Economics department chair Charles North discusses the impact of the pandemic on family-owned restaurants.

Audio: Baylor Connections: Kirk Wakefield
Baylor Connections: Marketing professor and executive director of Sports Strategy & Sales discusses how professional and collegiate teams navigate change and engage fans during uncertain times.

Why Control Over Boundaries Is Key To Successful Work-Life Balance
Forbes: Management professors and Baylor researchers Sara Perry and Emily Hunter are cited for their research on the levels of stress and emotional stability of remote workers.

The Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association Announces Its New Leadership
PRLOG: Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, marketing professor, was selected as the President of the Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association.

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