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Audio: Baylor Connections: Stacie Petter
In this Baylor Connections, Stacie Petter discusses information systems’ role in the fight against human trafficking and slavery.

Audio: California Begins Curfew To Curb COVID-19
VOA News: Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, professor of marketing, is interviewed on the release of "Wonder Woman 1984" on HBOMax and its impact on the film industry.

Audio: Business Review: The Power of Nines
KWBU (NPR): Lora Tu, professor of Marketing, discusses the power of prices that end in nine and its impact on a buyer's perception.

Audio: Baylor Connections: Kirk Wakefield
Baylor Connections: Marketing professor and executive director of Sports Strategy & Sales discusses how professional and collegiate teams navigate change and engage fans during uncertain times.

Audio: Business Review: Shattering the Glass Ceiling in IT
KWBU (NPR): Cindy Riemenschneider, professor of information systems, discusses her research about women in information technology who shatter the glass ceiling.

Audio: No One Is an Island: Support Remote Employees
KWBU (NPR): Sara Perry, professor of management, offers ideas from her research that could help employers better help their employees.

Audio: Marketing Professor Ashley Otto, Ph.D., on Decision-Making Research
Baylor Connections: Professor of marketing Ashley Otto discusses her research and the ways individuals strategize the choices they make in all areas of their lives.

Audio: Millions of Americans Are Working From Home During the COVID-19 Crisis
Texas Public Radio: Management professor Sara Perry was a guest on an episode of "The Source" about the benefits and challenges of working from home.

Audio: Baylor Connections: Pedro Reyes
Baylor Connections: Pedro Reyes, associate professor of operations and supply chain management, shares his lessons in "Supply Chain 101" and ways that supply chain professionals can process current challenges.

Audio: Business Review: 30 Seconds to Success
KWBU (NPR): Entrepreneurship professor Greg Leman says that great ideas need to be concise enough to fit on a cocktail napkin.

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