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Service Creates Opportunities
Business Review Podcast: The Information Age has connected people like never before. In this episode of the Business Review, networking expert Kelly Hoey shows how we can use our social connections to create more meaningful relationships — and in the process find greater opportunities for success.

The Taste of Unexpected Success
Business Review Podcast: Some of the greatest adventures can be found in the most unexpected places. In this episode of the Business Review, the CEO of restaurant chain Shake Shack, Randy Garutti, shares his recipe for success.

Audio: Consumer Talk: The Difference a Penny Makes
KGO 810: Dr. Lora Tu, Assistant Clinical Professor of Marketing at Baylor University, asks, “$2.99 or $3.00? Will the difference of a penny get you to the checkout counter?”

Audio: How to Easily Negotiate (Almost) Anything & Why You Need the Rat Race
Something You Should Know: Professor of Management Emily Hunter is interviewed for her expert advice on negotiation tips and tricks.

Audio: How to Negotiate the Best Retail Price
KGO-AM: Professor of Management Emily Hunter is interviewed about her 11 tips for consumers to negotiate the best retail price.

Hiring the Absolute Best
Business Review Podcast: Every business needs a dream team, and according to executive recruiter David Perry, the secret to hiring the best talent is just knowing where to look.

Audio: Taking Better Workday Breaks
KFXN-FM (Minneapolis, St. Paul): This short radio story highlights the findings of professors of management, Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu, who found that mid-morning is the best time to take a work break that will improve energy, concentration and motivation.

The Art of Marketing to Women
Business Review Podcast: After decades of discriminatory and patronizing marketing toward women from the largest firms and the biggest brands, Kristi Faulkner, president of the New York ad agency WomenKind, was determined to shake up the status quo.

Beyond the Interview
Business Review Podcast: Finding the right person to fill a position at one of the of the world’s top ten most innovative companies can be difficult. According to Shabnam Mogharabi, CEO of Soul Pancake, it’s more than just skills on a resume.

Food for Thought
Business Review Podcast: As a young medical student, Zoi Maroudas noticed the critical relationship between nutrition and health. Nutrition soon became her passion and gave her an idea for a unique niche – creating healthy, tasty meals... for babies.

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