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Audio: Business Review: The Power of Nines
KWBU (NPR): Lora Tu, professor of Marketing, discusses the power of prices that end in nine and its impact on a buyer's perception.

Audio: Baylor Connections: Kirk Wakefield
Baylor Connections: Marketing professor and executive director of Sports Strategy & Sales discusses how professional and collegiate teams navigate change and engage fans during uncertain times.

Audio: Business Review: Shattering the Glass Ceiling in IT
KWBU (NPR): Cindy Riemenschneider, professor of information systems, discusses her research about women in information technology who shatter the glass ceiling.

Audio: No One Is an Island: Support Remote Employees
KWBU (NPR): Sara Perry, professor of management, offers ideas from her research that could help employers better help their employees.

Audio: Marketing Professor Ashley Otto, Ph.D., on Decision-Making Research
Baylor Connections: Professor of marketing Ashley Otto discusses her research and the ways individuals strategize the choices they make in all areas of their lives.

Audio: Millions of Americans Are Working From Home During the COVID-19 Crisis
Texas Public Radio: Management professor Sara Perry was a guest on an episode of "The Source" about the benefits and challenges of working from home.

Audio: Baylor Connections: Pedro Reyes
Baylor Connections: Pedro Reyes, associate professor of operations and supply chain management, shares his lessons in "Supply Chain 101" and ways that supply chain professionals can process current challenges.

Audio: Business Review: 30 Seconds to Success
KWBU (NPR): Entrepreneurship professor Greg Leman says that great ideas need to be concise enough to fit on a cocktail napkin.

Audio: Business Review: Bottom Line Mentality
KWBU (NPR): Management professor Matt Quade talks about his recent research on the effect of supervisors who have a bottom line mentality.

Audio: Success 101 Files – Intelligence for Your Life: Baylor Workday Break Research
WRJN-AM: Spotlighted in this segment is research by professors of management Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu on the best times to take workday breaks, which can lead to increases in productivity and lower burnout rates.

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