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Audio: Phone Snubbing or Phubbing Damaging Relationships
KSL-AM (Salt Lake City, UT): This radio story reviews research by professors of marketing, James Roberts and Meredith David, about "phone snubbing," or "phubbing."

Audio: Baylor Professor Discusses New Smartphone, Social Media Research
KGO-AM: Interviewed on this show is The Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing at Baylor University, James A. Roberts, discusses his co-authored research with Meredith David that found people who are "phone snubbed" turn to smartphones and social media for acceptance.

AUDIO: Cellphones Can Damage Romantic Relationships, Lead to Depression
WBT-AM: This radio segment is an interview with professor of marketing, James Roberts, about his research with Meredith David, showing that smartphones are toxic to romantic relationships and are causing higher levels of depression.

Audio: New 'Phubbing' Study Reveals Relationship Dangers of Smartphone Use
3AW Mornings: Professor James Roberts is interviewed by Australian morning talk radio show about his research on "phone snubbing," or "phubbing."

Dr. James Roberts Discusses "Phubbing"
McIntyre In The Morning (KABC Radio-Los Angeles): The Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing, James Roberts, discusses his research on "phubbing"--or, "phone snubbing"--with popular Los Angeles radio host Doug McIntyre.

A Better Life with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
A Better Life: CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta uses Baylor research by professor of Marketing, James Roberts, on cellphone addiction.

Bambinos Baby Food on The Hoda Show
The Hoda Show: Baylor alum Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas founded a baby food company, Bambinos Baby Food (, with the goal of creating tastier healthy baby food. Her company is a client of Baylor's LAUNCH, which is Baylor's innovative business accelerator. In this audio clip, she is being interviewed by Hoda Kotb on The Hoda Show about her company and product line.

Recharge Your Battery
Business Review Podcast: New research shows taking short breaks during the work day boosts energy, productivity and job satisfaction.

Living Small
Business Review Podcast: Sleek, high tech and affordable micro housing in downtown metro areas is poised to disrupt the urban housing market, which hasn't seen change in over 150 years.

Hiding in Plain Sight
Business Review Podcast: Asking "why" can uncover new industries right under your nose, and also be the key to innovation and success.

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