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Enter the Enternship
Business Review Podcast: Older workers often find it difficult to re-enter the workforce. Despite their experience, maturity and prior career training, many feel cast aside in favor of younger workers. Inspired by the movie “The Intern,” New-York-based publicists Gwen Wunderlich and Dara Kaplan saw a burgeoning need and were determined to help.

11 Productivity Hacks For Work From Home Newbies That Make Six Plus Figures
Huffington Post: The findings of a study by professors of management Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu is featured in this article about how to productively work from home.

7 Signs Your Relationship Won't Last, Based On How You & Your Partner Spend Your Time Together
Bustle: Cited in this article about relationship-harming habits is research by professors of marketing, James Roberts and Meredith David, on phone snubbing, or "phubbing."

Hollywood Leaves ‘Great Deal of Money on the Table’ Regarding Movies Featuring Actors of Color, Baylor Expert Says
American Marketing Association: This story picked up from Baylor Media Communications features assistant professor of marketing, Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, and her studies which show that Hollywood leaves money on the table by not keeping movies with actors of color in the theater long enough for word-of-mouth to build among key audiences.

6 Real Estate Networking Tips From The Experts
Fortune Builders: Professor of marketing and Executive Director of Baylor Business Keller Center for Research, Andrea Dixon, is a featured expert in this story about real estate networking.

Video: Don’t Let Smartphones Ruin Your Relationships
Money Talks News: This segment features professor of marketing, James Roberts, and his research with his colleague Meredith David on phone snubbing, or "phubbing." The video includes an accompanying article.

Video: Phubbing Can Ruin Relationships
WINK-TV (CBS): Interviewed in this segment produced by Money Talks News is professor of marketing, James Roberts, on his research with colleague Meredith David on "phone snubbing," or "phubbing," and its impact on relationships.

Design as Art
Business Review Podcast: Senior staff author of at LinkedIn, John McWade, says there are two approaches to design – left or right brain.

Video: Baylor Researcher's Trump Twitter Addiction Test Published Nationally
KWTX-TV (CBS): Professor of marketing, James Roberts, shows there is enough evidence using his Twitter Addiction Scale that Trump is addicted to Twitter.

30 Seconds to Success
Business Review Podcast: As director of LAUNCH, an innovative business accelerator, Greg Leman says a great idea needs to be concise enough to fit on a cocktail napkin.

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