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2021's Best & Worst States for Working Dads
Wallet Hub: Dawn Carlson, professor of Management, is a featured expert in this article and shares the biggest issues facing working dads today.

Baylor Supply Chain Case Competition Team Earns "Final Four" Recognition
Four students representing the Hankamer School of Business placed fourth at the 8th Annual National Undergraduate Supply Chain Case Competition this month.

The Source of the Problem: Comparing Pre- and Post-Qualification Screenings for Strategic Sourcing 
Innovative Business at Baylor: Wen Zhang, assistant professor of Management, researches when the ideal time is to screen potential suppliers in an open-bid auction for re-sourcing to help reduce the procurement costs for a company.

Audio: Business Review: The Crossover Effects of Work and Home
KWBU (NPR): Professor of management, Dawn Carlson, is interviewed about her research that looks at how work can affect home life.

Gender Discrimination Is Still Alive and Well in the Workplace in 2021
Forbes: Included in this article is a reference to a study by management professor Kaylee Hackney who researched the link between mothers on maternity leave and gender discrimination in the workplace.

This Type of Manager Will Eventually Create Unethical Employees
Ladders: Covered in this article are recent findings from a study by management professor Matt Quade who found that managers without morals can lead employees' to engage in unethical behavior.

Management Without Morals Can Lead to Employees' Unethical Behavior, Study Finds
[1/28/2021] Covered in this piece is the findings of a study by management professor Matt Quade who found that managers without morals can decrease moral courage amongst employees.

Study: Management Without Morals Can Lead to Employees’ Unethical Behavior
WACO, Texas (Jan. 28, 2021) - An organization that projects an ethical face but whose managers fail to respond to internal ethical situations sends mixed messages to its employees, which can lead to a lack of employees' moral courage and an increase in unethical behavior, according to a study led by a Baylor University researcher.

Emerging as a Leader: The Impact of Contributions in Leaderless Teams
Innovative Business at Baylor: Stephanie Kunst, assistant professor of Management at the Hankamer School of Business, studies the relationship between a team member's constructive contributions and their appearance as a leader to the rest of the team.

We’re Back in the No-Toilet-Paper Phase of COVID-19
The Daily Beast: Grocery supply chain expert and professor of management Pedro Reyes is quoted in this article about lessons learned during consumer panic buying.

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