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5 Ways Managers Can Support Pregnant Employees
Harvard Business Review: This article co-authored by Management professor Kaylee Hackney reviews her research which finds that pregnancy discrimination is linked to increased stress and an elevated risk for postpartum depression in pregnant working mothers.

Audio: Business Review: The Crossover Effects of Work and Home
KWBU (NPR): Professor of Management Dawn Carlson shares how much crossover happens between work and home and how it can affect your life.

Is There a Thanksgiving Turkey Shortage? An Investigation.
Vox: Pedro Reyes, Management professor and supply chain expert, is quoted in this article on how consumers should consider and even anticipate swapping out certain items or brands due to supply chain issues around the holidays.

Will Christian Left and Right Agree on Protecting Pregnant Workers?
Sojourners: This article on how protections for pregnant workers via the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act may be an avenue for bipartisanship between conservative and progressive lawmakers and activists - especially for Christians - cites a study led by Management professor Kaylee Hackney.

Here's How the Supply Chain Shortage Could Affect Your Holiday Grocery Shopping
The Spruce Eats: Management professor and supply chain expert Pedro Reyes is quoted in this article on how supply chain issues will impact holiday grocery shopping.

Audio: Business Review: Remote Psychology
KWBU (NPR): Management professor Sara Perry explains why remote work is not suitable for everyone due to personal differences in stress management.

Video: Don’t Waste Your Money: Some Thanksgiving Items Could Be In Short Supply
KERO (ABC): Management professor Pedro Reyes is interviewed about supply chain issues that may affect Thanksgiving.

Audio: Business Review: Which Way?
KWBU (NPR): When business leaders are faced with two difficult outcomes, Baylor Management professor Chris Meyer shares how it all comes down to one basic character trait: consistency.

Not a Workaholic? You Might Have Some of the Same Traits, UGA Study Says
Metro Atlanta CEO: Dawn Carlson, H.R. Gibson Chair of Organizational Development, and Emily Hunter, Management department chair in the Hankamer School of Business, served as co-authors on a study on the impact of workaholism on personal health and family relationships.

Not a Workaholic? You Might Have Some of the Same Traits
The Financial: A study by Management professors Emily Hunter and Dawn Carlson is featured in this article on workaholics and what being a workaholic can mean for the future.

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