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The Founding Father Ben Franklin's "Unlikely Beginning"
Al Día News: This article about Benjamin Franklin references Franklin scholar and Chair of Management, Blaine McCormick's book, "Benjamin Franklin, America's Original Entrepreneur."

Flourishing at Work & at Home: Overcoming a Work Stress Double Cross
Innovative Business at Baylor: Dawn Carlson, professor of Management, researches the crossover effects of work stress and family stress on both environments.

How Green Is Your Workplace?
Innovative Business at Baylor: Kyongji Han, assistant professor of Management, researches the impact of voluntary workplace green behavior on job satisfaction.

Prosperity Gospel Believers Are Less Likely to Be Entrepreneurs, Study Finds
PsyPost: Professor of Management, Mitchell Neubert, is the co-author of Baylor University research which found that entrepreneurs who believe in the 'prosperity gospel' are not automatically successful.

Belief in the 'Prosperity Gospel' Does Not Turn People Into Successful Entrepreneurs
[5/23/2019] Mitchell Neubert, professor of Management, co-authored research that finds belief in the 'prosperity gospel' does not make entrepreneurs more successful.

Belief in the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Does Not Turn People Into Successful Entrepreneurs
Science Blog: Research co-authored by professor of Management, Mitchell Neubert, which found that belief in the 'prosperity gospel' does not equate to success for entrepreneurs, is highlighted in this article.

Can You Handle a Remote Job? Researchers Explain Why Some People Are Wired for It
Inverse: Sara Perry, assistant professor of management, is quoted in this article about the positives and negatives of working from home. Perry's research has found that emotional stability and autonomy are key ingredients to successful remote work.

Baylor Hosts Texas SHRM Student Conference and Games
Baylor University hosted the Texas Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Student Conference and Games on April 12-13.

Trying too hard to get everyone to like you? Here's exactly when (and how) you need to
Fast Company: This article cites a study by Sara Perry, assistant professor of Management, that found that in the case of empowering leadership, power is shared between managers and subordinates. When the four key behaviors of highlighting employees' work, employee participation in decision-making, emphasizing employees' strengths, and removing bureaucratic constraints are utilized, it can reduce employee cynicism and boost productivity.

8 Productive Ways to Spend Your Breaks at Work
Your Coffee Break: Research by Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu, associate professors of Management, is referenced in this article about how to take productive breaks during the work day.

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