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Unhappy in the Home Office
BizEd Magazine: The focus of this article are the findings of research by Sara Perry and Emily Hunter, professors of Management, which found that for some people, working remotely incites more stress that working in an office environment.

The Individual vs. The Group: Finding Focus in Transformational Leadership
Innovative Business at Baylor: Research by Sara Perry, assistant professor of Management, finds that high group-focused leadership in conjunction with high individual-leadership focus resulted in the highest levels of helping.

Is Working From Home All It's Cracked Up To Be?
DZone: This article addresses research led by Sarah Perry, assistant professor of management, about the impact remote work has on the personal wellbeing of employees, and it provides recommendations to better manage remote workers.

Service Creates Opportunities
Business Review Podcast: The Information Age has connected people like never before. In this episode of the Business Review, networking expert Kelly Hoey shows how we can use our social connections to create more meaningful relationships — and in the process find greater opportunities for success.

The 2018 Dale P. Jones Business Ethics Forum: Week One Panel Events
Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business will host the 2018 Dale P. Jones Business Ethics Forum from Wednesday, Oct. 24 to Friday, Nov. 16. This year’s theme is “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence” and the forum will kick off the first week with two panel events and an MBA Ethics Luncheon.

How to Get a Discount Even if There's No Sale
MarketWatch: This article features input from professor of Management Emily Hunter about how to get a better price on an item in the store.

Out of Office: Examining the Relationship Between Stress and Remote Work
Health Medicine Network: This article discusses research by professors of management Sarah Perry and Emily Hunter about the impact of remote work on employee stress.

Out of Office: New Baylor Study Examines Relationship Between Stress and Remote Work
[9/20/2018] This article highlights research by professor of management Sara Perry about the types of employees that are best suited for remote work.

Out of Office: New Baylor Management Study Examines Relationship Between Stress and Remote Work
WACO, Texas (Sept. 18, 2018) – Many U.S. employees believe working from home – or at least away from the office – can bring freedom and stress-free job satisfaction. A new Baylor University study says, “Not so fast.”

4 Ways to Get a Sale Price When There Isn't a Sale
The New York Times: Professor of Management Emily Hunter is featured in this article about the abilities of consumers to find lower prices.

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