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7 Ways to Follow a Healthier Diet in 2019
Consumer Reports: Meredith David, assistant professor of Marketing, is cited in this article discussing small changes that can be made to encourage healthier eating habits.

Top Finishers of BBBD Sales Competition Announced
Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling initiated the academic year with the Baylor Business Business Development (BBBD) competition, which is an experiential learning exercise focused on the pre-call planning and business development steps of the sales process. The competition engaged 70 competitors who established strategies for contacting prospective buyers and initiating contact with these buyers via telephone and email. Their goal in the process was to obtain a face-to-face meeting.

How to Deal With ‘Sunday Scaries’
Houston Chronicle: This article features the insights of professor of Marketing Sara Perry about the "Sunday Scaries" anxiety that people feel as the weekend nears an end.

Edutainment' Can Lead to Positive Health-Related Changes Among Multicultural Millennials
News Medical: "Edutainment" can lead to positive health-related changes among multicultural millenials according to a new study by Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, professor of Marketing.

Multicultural Millennials Respond Positively to Health ‘Edutainment,’ Baylor Marketing Research Says
WACO, Texas (Sept. 19, 2019) – Storytelling that educates and entertains – aka “edutainment” – is a powerful communications tool that can lead to positive health-related changes among multicultural millennials, according to a new marketing study from Baylor University.

Couples Who Tailgate Together Stay Together, Says New Baylor Research
Fox 47 News: Professor of Marketing, Meredith David, found in a study that couples who tailgate together report higher levels of respect and relationship satisfaction.

Couples Who Tailgate Together Stay Together, Says New Baylor Research
WACO, Texas (Sept. 4, 2019) – For millions of football fans across the United States, fall is the time to break out the grills, load vehicles with coolers and food and games, and gather with friends for the time-honored tradition of tailgating.

Audio: Baylor Connections - Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren
KWBU (NPR): Professor of Marketing Tyrha Lindsey-Warren was interviewed on this episode of Baylor Connections, and shared her insights about empowered storytelling from her time in entertainment and education.

Problematic Smartphone Use: Addiction or Compulsion?
One Zero: Professor of Marketing James Roberts is featured in this article about his research on smartphone addiction, and his concerns about the impact of such behavior, regardless of whether or not some label it "addiction."

Audio: How Chip and Joanna Gaines Turned a Hit TV Show Into Magnolia
Repeat Customer Podcast: This podcast about the rise of the Magnolia brand and its impact on Waco is professor and chair of Marketing, Chris Pullig.

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