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What Your Gifting Style Says About You
Your Wellness: This article highlights research by Meredith David, assistant professor of marketing, about the relationships between gift giving, "social projection", and security in interpersonal settings.

Are You a Victim (Or a Perpetrator) of Phubbing?
Image: This article calls for a stop to "phubbing", a term coined by professor of Marketing James A. Roberts, which refers to someone using their phone in the presence of others.

When ‘Religiosity’ Competes with Materialism, Charitable Giving Takes a Hit
[8/22/2018] Recent research by Marketing professors James Roberts and Meredith David uncovers the relationship between religiosity and charitable giving.

When ‘Religiosity’ Competes with Materialism, Charitable Giving Takes a Hit, Baylor Study Shows
WACO, Texas (Aug. 21, 2018) – Religious people tend to be more charitable than their nonreligious counterparts, but they’ll think twice about opening their wallets if it prolongs their next big purchase, according to new research from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business.

$2.99 or $3.00? Will the Difference of a Penny Get You to the Checkout Counter?
[7/30/2018] This article focuses on the research by professor of Marketing Lingjiang Lora Tu, who studied the success of pricing strategies to determine if prices ending in "9" led to higher purchases.

Audio: Consumer Talk: The Difference a Penny Makes
KGO 810: Dr. Lora Tu, Assistant Clinical Professor of Marketing at Baylor University, asks, “$2.99 or $3.00? Will the difference of a penny get you to the checkout counter?”

$2.99 or $3.00? Will the difference of a penny get you to the checkout counter?
WACO, Texas (July 11, 2018) – A traditional belief in retail marketing is that prices ending in “9” – $1.99 or $2.99, for example – will prompt more purchases than a whole number. But is that true? And is a simple one-penny price difference the best tactic to sell more products?

Student Brings Social Media to Historic New York Community Center
In Fall 2017, during his Advertising Procedures class, senior Reginald Singletary and his team presented a marketing plan to their client, Nepperhan Community Center, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting children and families. In December, Singletary was shocked to receive a message that the Executive Director of NCC, Dr. Jim Bostic, had offered to fly Singletary out to New York to implement his social media plan for the nonprofit.

Undergraduate Business Analytics Certificate Teaches Students Big Data Skills
Baylor Business undergraduate students now have the opportunity to receive a Certificate in Business Analytics in addition to their BBA degree from the Hankamer School of Business. The Certificate Program in Business Analytics was added in order to teach students the techniques necessary to understand and interpret big data and business analytics.

Marketing Students Provide Recommendations for Magnolia
Baylor students conducted marketing research and made recommendation for Magnolia Market at the Silos this summer.

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