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Video: Phone Snubbing is "Phubbing"
WWOR-TV (FOX): In this broadcast story, the research of marketing professors Meredith David and James Roberts on phone snubbing, or "phubbing," and its impact, are reviewed.

Hollywood Leaves ‘Great Deal of Money on the Table’ Regarding Movies Featuring Actors of Color, Baylor Expert Says
WACO, Texas (Oct. 16, 2017) – The new film “Marshall” – a legal thriller about Thurgood Marshall, an American Civil Rights leader and the U.S. Supreme Court’s first African-American justice – didn’t break the box office’s Top 10 during its opening weekend. But don’t count it out just yet, says a Baylor University movie marketing expert.

Are You ‘Phubbing’ Right Now? What It Is and Why Science Says It’s Bad for Your Relationships
The Washington Post: This article delves deeply into research by professors of marketing Meredith David and James Roberts on the subject of "phone snubbing," or "phubbing."

Five Signs That Your Marriage Might Be Destined to Hit the Rocks
Yahoo! News: Professor of marketing James Roberts is featured as an expert in this piece about marriage-destroying habits, specifically about his research on "phubbing," or "phone snubbing."

You Might Be Cheating on Your Spouse With Your Smart Phone
The Star (Toronto, Canada): The research of professors of marketing James Roberts and Meredith David is cited in this piece about their findings on "phone snubbing," or "phubbing."

Self-Beliefs Shape What Luxury Means to Us
[9/4/2017] Marketing professor JaeHwan Kwon contributed to a study in which he researched whether a consumer's self-theories impact their perception of luxury brand values.

Building a Winning Sales Presentation
Charles Fifield, MBA

Delivering an effective sales presentation to a prospective real estate client will impact attaining your desired outcome for most client interactions.

Do Past Preferences Indicate Future Selections?
Kate Barasz, PhD, Tami Kim, PhD Candidate, and Leslie K. John, PhD

Predicting others' preferences can result in a distinct advantage for a salesperson, especially through creating choice sets based on clients' implicit and explicit wants and needs. Oftentimes, these predictions must be made with almost no information about the client's preferences, so the salesperson may have to rely on previously observed behaviors.

Friends vs. Strangers: How Closeness Impacts Social Sharing
David Dubois, PhD, Andrea Bonezzi, PhD, and Matteo De Angelis, PhD

The art of being a successful real estate agent largely depends on the need to interact socially. How you interact with your own clients indeed effects their opinion of the services you provide and ultimately shape their opinions about you or your company.

INSIDER: Fearless Public Speaking
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate

In his book, Fearless Public Speaking, Patrick King explains exactly what it takes for you to confidently prepare for a talk or presentation and command the stage once you're there.

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