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How Having Unemployed Parents Affects Children’s Future Well-Being
Brookings Institution: The focus of this piece is new research by professor of Entrepreneurship Boris Nikolaev who found that parental unemployment during childhood affects children's psychological well-being in their later years.

Entrepreneurship Professor Receives Outstanding Faculty Award
Peter Klein is one of eleven Outstanding Faculty Award winners for the 2017-2018 academic year, and he is recognized for his accomplishments in the area of scholarship. “I see the entrepreneur as a creator, a builder, an initiator, someone who risks her capital, her knowledge, and her reputation to pursue a business idea,” said Klein.

Spiritual Capital Indicates Business Success in Developing Countries
Mitch Neubert, professor of Management, and Steve Bradley, professor of Entrepreneurship, found that faith maturity predicted innovation and success of entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The (Empirical) Science Isn't Settled
Mises Institute: This article by professor of Entrepreneurship Peter Klein discusses the debates around empirical evidence and economic theory.

Baylor Alumnus Blends Up Recipe for Success
“Believe me, it was a risk,” Jeff Richards says. “I decided to go through one last year with my bank, and then I just took the step out."

The Tools of Trade: Exploring the Connections Between Entrepreneurship and the Maker Movement
Innovative Business at Baylor: Russ Browder, current doctoral student in Entrepreneurship, found that barriers to entry for many entrepreneurs, due to access to training and hardware, have eroded.

Baylor Senior to Depart on 11 Country, 11-Month Mission Trip
This summer, Baylor Business senior Hannah Neel will embark on the World Race, an 11 country, 11-month mission trip.

Outstanding Undergraduates Recognized
Dean Terry S. Maness hosted an awards ceremony and banquet to celebrate Business undergraduates who will be graduating in 2018.

Food for Thought
Business Review Podcast: As a young medical student, Zoi Maroudas noticed the critical relationship between nutrition and health. Nutrition soon became her passion and gave her an idea for a unique niche – creating healthy, tasty meals... for babies.

Clif-Hanger: Historic Theater Reaps Benefits as Case Study Subject
Innovative Business at Baylor: As entrepreneur in residence in the Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation Department, Marlene Reed uses her case studies to provide hands-on, business education to her business excellence scholarship team (BEST) students. One of her most recent cases, which was inspired by a family trip to the local CLIFTEX Theatre, has been published in Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.

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