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10/6/2016Recharge Your BatteryNew research shows taking short breaks during the work day boosts energy, productivity and job satisfaction.
9/22/2016Living SmallSleek, high tech and affordable micro housing in downtown metro areas is poised to disrupt the urban housing market, which hasn't seen change in over 150 years.
9/15/2016Hiding in Plain SightAsking "why" can uncover new industries right under your nose, and also be the key to innovation and success.
9/8/2016Benefits of Mutual RespectFrom the warehouse to the C-suite, seeing all employees as valuable and deserving of respect builds trust, and positively impacts customer service too. For one startup's CEO, investing in the company's employees has lead to ingenious benefits.
9/1/2016The Right Thing to DoPatrick Gage, co-chair of the Nexus Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Working Group, says businesses have a moral imperative to see employees as more than a commodity sourced at cheap cost. He knows firsthand the rewards of due diligence in supply chain transparency.

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