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12/7/2017Fast Tracking Small Business GrowthProduct research and development can take years. But what if the timeline could be accelerated? According to Dr. Greg Leman, accelerated commercialization can save small businesses a lot of time and money.
11/30/2017Capturing an Elusive MarketPatrick Finnegan is one of the most sought-after experts on Gen Z. The young entrepreneur advises big brands on how to effectively reach his peers – those born after 1995, who are fast-paced, tech savvy and heavily influenced by social media.
11/20/2017Enter the EnternshipOlder workers often find it difficult to re-enter the workforce. Despite their experience, maturity and prior career training, many feel cast aside in favor of younger workers. Inspired by the movie “The Intern,” New-York-based publicists Gwen Wunderlich and Dara Kaplan saw a burgeoning need and were determined to help.
11/2/2017Design as ArtSenior staff author of at LinkedIn, John McWade, says there are two approaches to design – left or right brain.
10/26/201730 Seconds to SuccessAs director of LAUNCH, an innovative business accelerator, Greg Leman says a great idea needs to be concise enough to fit on a cocktail napkin.

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