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Doctorate in Information Systems

A Research-based Approach

The PhD in IS is a research-based program that takes a broad perspective, favoring an approach in which the impact of IS on organizations and society is examined from multiple perspectives, including, but not limited to, organizational theories.

While the program is designed for students interested in an academic career, the structure of the program is useful for students interested in teaching and research positions outside of academia as well.

The program is designed for face-to-face learning.


The Baylor IS PhD curriculum focuses on educating you on both the positive and negative consequences of IS and the moral and ethical dilemmas IS introduce into society.

The PhD curriculum will expand your theoretical horizons through a cross-disciplinary approach that will broaden your understanding of IS. This approach allows you to take a portion of your courses outside the IS Department.

You will have the opportunity to take courses that correspond to your research interest spanning various academic fields including philosophy, sociology and statistics.

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