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Students Compete in Accenture IT Innovation Competition

Dec. 4, 2015


For the 8th year in a row Baylor Business students competed in Accenture’s Information Technology Innovation Competition. Accenture consultants Luke Beazley, Bren Doreck, Dane Harris and Julie Munn-Sums worked with the students throughout the semester to help them with their projects.

Dr. Hope Koch said: “Every project was a great idea and I wish the students luck as they make them a reality. Many of the projects addressed things Baylor can do better such as helping students find campus jobs, find tutors and secure football tickets."



This year’s projects are shown below along with the competitors.


Common Grounds Shop & Venue
Baylor Community Leaders On-Call
Foster Center Study Rooms
Baylor In-Game App
Bear Bucks & Dining Dollars
Hollister Shopping Kiosks
Bar Breathalyzers
Waco Restore Community Center
Waco Humane Society
Baylor Admissions
Freshman IT Help
Campus Jobs Common Application
Stadium / Event Worker Wearables
Tutor Finder App and Class Registration

Julie Munn-Simms and Kenneth Luke Beazley from Accenture awarded prizes to two groups.

Bar Breathe-alyzers: A project that partners Uber with bars to keep drunk drivers off the road. This project proposes installing breathealyzer kiosks at bars. These kiosks will integrate with Uber’s taxi app. The winners were: Brandon Buckalew, Caitlin Hopfe, Brandon Mackinnon, & Caroline Todd.


Freshman IT Help: Proposes Baylor’s IT Department work in the residence halls when freshmen move-in. The IT department would give presentations about installing Baylor Technology on the freshmen's computers and provide hands-on help. The winners were: Kelsey Blocker, Richard Cunningham, Kameron Esthay, Ryan Romo, & Kelsey Woehrman.


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