Why a Baylor MBA: Student & Alumni Perspectives

March 24, 2021
Straight Talk From MBA Students: Why Specialize?

By Emily Guajardo

Ask any graduate business student around and they'll tell you that earning an MBA is a tedious process. And while an MBA can have a strong return on investment, it is a lot of work.

For some students, hitting that next big goal at work or getting that promotion they've had their eye on is motivation enough. For others, becoming a manager or executive is more of a long-range goal. But for all students, becoming a more well-rounded business leader is the greatest outcome an MBA program could provide.

So, why should you choose to embark on that journey with Baylor University? Four Hankamer students share top reasons why they chose to obtain a Baylor MBA and what they plan to achieve post-graduation.

Headshot of Neah Garza

Unique Dual Degree Options

Neah Garza
MBA/MSIS (Master of Science in Information Systems)
Current Student

"I always knew I wanted to go to graduate school. I went to a small, private university in Abilene, Texas and I knew that I still wanted to get a good education from a big school, so I chose Baylor. One of the many reasons I decided to go to Baylor was that they had a dual master's program with information sciences. I've knew that I wanted to do something with computers. So, the fact that they had this program and it only cost me two years instead of one, it was worth it. Plus, after graduation, I know that I'm going to have several options for potential jobs and maybe even get to move to a start-up/tech city like Austin and work for IBM, Dell, or Oracle. The program may be heavy on the workload, but it's definitely worth it. I just love it."

Headshot of Jorge Trevino

Nationally Recognized Faculty and Staff from Diverse Industry Backgrounds

Jorge Trevino
MBA, Healthcare Administration Specialization
Current Employer: The Children's Hospital of San Antonio

"When I moved from UT Austin to Baylor, I was really surprised at the level of talent and scholarship we had in the MBA program. Many of my professors are or have been business practitioners who managed mega hospitals and clinics and that was something that I also wanted to do. I was able to gain good insight from my professors and secured an internship with Christus Health, a hospital network across the state of Texas. There, we had even more help from faculty members and they really prepared me to manage my time, teach me the ins and outs of the hospital setting. Now, I actually work at a Christus Health Hospital in downtown San Antonio as a project manager. Had it not been for Baylor, I don't think I would have been able to get a job like this in a field that I really like."

Headshot of Nathan Bondurant

Programs Tailored Towards Young Professionals

Nathan Bondurant
MBA, Business Analytics
Current Student

"You'd be surprised how many programs are not tailored toward young people. I looked into a lot of MBA programs before I graduated from UT Austin and a lot of them are meant for working professionals that have years of experience which I didn't have. I graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in business. So, I was looking for a program that wouldn't mind teaching me the basics first. When I got to Baylor, I learned that you can actually apply a business degree in so many different ways. I always knew I wanted to have a successful career in business, but since coming to Baylor, I'm so glad that this is the school I choose to learn from. In all of my classes, we discuss and study current problems in business; what's happening right now. That's something I've really liked. Most of my cohort are also early in their professional careers. That has helped with getting adjusted to life in a new city."

Headshot of Jeff Brazwell

Preparing Students for the Workforce

Jeff Braswell
MBA/MSIS (Master of Science in Information Systems)
Current Employer: Leviathan Security Group

"With the experience I gained in the MBA program, I am happy to say that I am a technical project manager. I oversee security assessments and ensuring that they complete scope, stay within resource allocations, and complete within the project timeline. That's the formal version of what I do. The fun version of what I do would read more like, 'I work with hackers to find security problems before the bad guys and ensure services that impact millions of lives are safer.' Without an MBA and the insight into management that it has provided, I wouldn't be ready for project management. Without my MSIS, the technical conceptual frameworks required day-to-day would go over my head. It really has been the marriage of both degrees that has opened doors for me after graduation. Even if you're planning on getting an MBA only, think about getting a data science or cyber-security certification. Technical job requirements are becoming more and more common for organizations looking for MBAs. Having even just a conceptual understanding of IT basics, cyber-security basics, and (especially) data science basics will help you stand out from the rest. Adding keywords regarding high-level technical categories like "data analysis" or "familiarity with SAS" (things you can get during your time at Baylor) on your LinkedIn profile is enough to garner the attention of recruiters. Each Baylor Business program has routes and certifications that ensure you'll be contending with the best when you start applying to jobs."

Most likely all Baylor MBA current students and alumni would agree: you don't simply get a Baylor MBA, you earn it. And while earning an MBA can be a challenging process, it's our hope that these shared experiences prove that earning your Baylor MBA will be a worthwhile investment.

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