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March 25, 2020
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When Jody Campbell, MBA ‘16, took a multi-party negotiation class from Chris Meyer, Ph.D as part of the Baylor MBA program at the Austin campus, he didn’t envision that a few years later, he’d hire his professor to consult with his company.

“I knew that Dr. Meyer could help our company achieve better outcomes,” said Campbell, who had recently become executive vice president and chief risk officer at Alabama Farm Credit (AFC), a lender and cooperative chartered in 27 counties in Alabama.

“Our job is to strike deals that are not only good for Alabama Farm Credit but that are also good for our borrowers,” Campbell said. “But we didn’t share a common language for discussing negotiable terms of a deal with the lenders.” That’s where Dr. Meyer came in.

“I remembered Dr. Meyer’s philosophies for negotiating deals,” said Campbell. “I knew that he’d understand our perspective of improving the outcome for Alabama Farm Credit while also providing the borrower with a high level of value. So, I reached out to him, and he immediately said, ‘yes’.”

Though it had been a few years since he’d seen Campbell, Meyer was delighted to reconnect. “It showed that what we share in our MBA courses has broad implications throughout a person’s life,” said Meyer, who is an associate professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and teaches negotiation courses at both the Dallas and Austin Executive MBA campuses as well as the online MBA program.

“It’s important to have a common negotiation language,” said Meyer. “And the negotiation strategies I teach use language that is not business-exclusive,” said Meyer who regularly speaks on topics of negotiation and has consulted with other companies. “We give people the keys and structure to not only improve business-exclusive communication but also for other parts of their lives.”

Meyer led the 1.5-hour session as part of AFC’s lender retreat in Birmingham, Alabama, which included Alabama Farm Credit’s CEO, CFO, 16 lenders and two marketing team members.

Campbell, who completed his Baylor Executive MBA while working for Farm Credit Bank of Texas, had a strong desire to transition from banking into executive management at a successful lending institution and said that the Baylor Executive MBA gave him the tools to make that move. “Baylor and professors like Dr. Meyer helped me to understand the overall long-term strategy of operating a business as well as how to manage significant human capital spending. I knew that by bringing him in to meet with us at AFC, he’d help us develop a framework so that we could achieve better outcomes.”

“In graduate school, Dr. Meyer provided me with a sound framework for negotiating a deal, and as a banker, we negotiate loan terms every day,” he said. “I knew I wanted to provide our lenders with the same framework so that we all could achieve better outcomes, a term which Meyer calls, ‘joint gain’.

According to Meyer, the tendency of parties in negotiations is to become competitive and to compete for resources. “Really, we need to think about being interdependent with each other and work together so parties’ jointly gain. It’s all about the relationship. AFC gets that and it’s what made their session together so productive.

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