International Trip for Fall 2023


The MBA program, in partnership with the McBride Center for International Business, will host a global immersive experience called Global Opportunities in Leadership Development (GOLD) for all MBA students entering in 2023.

MBA students will spend several days in Barcelona, Spain engaging with people and organizations across a variety of businesses and industry sectors. You will participate in interactive business projects and site visits. The goal of this trip is to enable you to frame the remainder of your courses in the MBA program against the backdrop of a first-hand global experience. Doing so will better prepare you to be influential and informed business leaders in an increasingly global marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What are the dates for the international Trip? 

A: October 6-12, 2023. These dates include our travel days.


Q: What's the cost of the trip? 

A: The cost of travel will be $3,500, which is charged as a Course Fee attached to one of your MBA courses.  The $3,500 covers airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and some meals. The fee also includes some cultural activities.


Q: Do I need to be fully vaccinated? 

A: Baylor University will adhere to the host country's policy for students/faculty/staff who are traveling as part of the University. This policy could change with little or no notice between now and October. Therefore, students/faculty/staff who will be participating are encouraged to be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to departure. 


Q: Will I need a passport? 

A: All students will need a valid passport that expires no sooner than April 21, 2024 (6 months after our travel). 


Q: By when do I need to have a passport? 

A: You should have your passport in hand by August 1st. 


Q: Do I need a travel visa?

A: US Citizens do not need a travel visa to travel to Spain. International students can reach out to Chelsea Derry to determine if they need a travel visa.  


Q: Do I need to purchase trip insurance?

A: No. The program will be purchasing trip insurance on your behalf.


Additional Information:

While you will receive more information in the coming months, additional questions can be directed to your academic advisor at

Note: All details related to the 2023 international trip are subject to change as deemed necessary by the University and/or the Baylor MBA program. 

Updated 2/21/23

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