Global Trade and Supply Chain Management

Program Overview

Global Trade and Supply Chain Management is more important than ever as our world becomes increasingly globally interconnected. With this concentration, students will learn how to analyze the management of global trade compliance and develop efficient supply-chain processes to improve a company’s bottom line. Students will take courses that build knowledge around understanding the operating process and how to measure and analyze those processes, as well as strategy for decision-making revolving around demand planning, global sourcing, and distribution channel management.

Learning Outcomes
  • Evaluate the end-to-end components of a supply chain, from procurement of materials to the delivery of a final product to the customer.
  • Learn how to effectively manage risk and disruptions while maintaining a sustainable supply chain ecosystem, using a triple-bottom-line framework approach.
  • Understand the complexities of both import and export regulatory requirements and how it impacts the global business function.
  • Identify improvement opportunities within the supply chain or global trade functions using performance metrics such as KPIs, a balance scorecard, etc.
Career Outcomes
  • Project Manager
  • Global Logistics Manager
  • Supply Chain Consultant
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Transportation Director
  • Logistics Analyst

In order to earn an Online MBA degree in Global Trade and Supply Chain Management, students must complete 48-60 credit hours. The number of credit hours varies per student depending on whether additional business foundation courses are required. Below you will find the required core courses you must take for the Global Trade and Supply Chain Management concentration:

ACC 5420 Accounting
ECO 5415 Economics for Managers
FIN 5460 Fundamentals of Applied Business Finance
MGT 5410 Managing for Higher Performance
MGT 5420 Manufacturing & Service Operations
MGT 5485 Strategic Management & Business Policy
QBA 5435 Business Statistics
MIS 5450 Managing Information Technology in Enterprise
BL 5445 Global Trade Compliance Strategy
MGT 5445 Global Supply Chain Strategy
BUS 5490 Strategic Communication
BUS 5460 Communicating with Data
MGT 5402 Negotiation
MKT 5410 Strategic Marketing
MKT 5440 Strategic Brand Management
MKT 5460 Marketing Analysis

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