Business Foundations

A foundational understanding of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) acquired during business studies is required before students without an undergraduate degree in business can take the core MBA courses. These students must first complete the CBK business foundation courses; subjects include statistics, accounting, economics, finance, and business law. These are taken as Pass/Fail courses and do not count toward the student's GPA, which is based on the 12 core courses in the online MBA curriculum. Successful completion of the business foundation courses confers 12 graduate credit hours on the student's transcript; they must be completed before taking core courses. Students register for each course individually. Business Law and Finance must be taken together to equal three hours of registration and part-time status.

Students who already have an undergraduate business degree can choose to take the additional foundation courses to facilitate a smooth transition into the Online MBA program or they can begin in their core coursework. However, students with a undergraduate business degree from a non-AACSB-accredited university are required to take the foundation courses.

Business Foundations Courses
ACC 5301 BF Accounting
BL 5104 BF Business Law
FIN 5203 BF Finance
ECO 5305 BF Economics
QBA 5302 BF Statistics

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