Programs and Course Information

Programs and Course Information

The Baylor Online MBA program provides the tools of principled leadership that will enable you to command admiration and deliver results. Through engaging conversations with your professors and classmates, you will learn to communicate professionally, work in teams and approach complex business situations with faith-based integrity. The Online MBA program supports your aspirations to leverage a graduate education and professional experience to increase your success—without having to take a leave from your current career. 

Stand Out with a Concentration

By choosing a concentration, you will be able to focus on developing your highly specialized, career-ready skills. Currently, there is a generalized degree or four concentrations to choose from:

General MBA
Executive Communication
Global Trade and Supply Chain Management

Master of Business Administration

Hankamer School of Business

Baylor MBA programs combine rigorous, customized classroom learning and real-world experience in equipping today's business professionals to lead with excellence, integrity, and ingenuity in the global marketplace.

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