Reserve Your Seat

Congratulations on your acceptance! To secure your seat in the Class of 2022 please submit a non-refundable seat deposit of $2,000 (can be paid in two installments or one lump sum) by the date in your letter of acceptance.

You have one of two options to submit payment.

  • Mail a check payable to "Baylor University" to
    Baylor Executive MBA Program Austin
    3107 Oak Creek Drive, Suite 240
    Austin, TX 78727
  • Pay your deposit securely with a credit card
    • Activate BearID (Baylor email account)
      Your Baylor ID Number can be found in your acceptance letter
    • Register on Bearweb (Baylor student account)
    • After activating your BearID and registering for Bearweb student account, you can pay your $2,000 seat deposit by credit card

Pay Seat Deposit

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