Nicky Gibson

Baylor EMBA 2011
Director of Talent Acquisition, JCPenney

"Enriching Her Diversity of Thought"

Nicky Gibson doesn't just see the big picture, she creates it. “I care about what's happening within the company and I tend to be the person people come to when they have a problem. I try to help them see things in a different way,” she says. Nicky has a personal philosophy that she likes to think of as her 'diversity of thought'. “I've worked for a lot of big companies, and have a lot of internal resources to tap into. I'm also a good listener,” she declares. This Mississippi native and confirmed people person certainly does bring a lot to the table: engineer (she majored in Chemical Engineering as an undergrad at Mississippi State), project manager, wife, mother of 3, and now MBA graduate.

It was her personal philosophy that prompted Nicky to pursue an MBA. She felt the one thing that was missing from her diversity of thought was a strong business perspective. She visited Baylor on the recommendation of a colleague and was drawn to the small class size and family atmosphere. She was also impressed with the mix of tenured professors and industry experts, but what really sealed the deal for Nicky was Baylor's policy of having students choose their study groups. “Baylor did an excellent job of choosing diverse individuals for the cohort,” Nicky says. “We shared our talents and helped each other through the program. We became very close and I still talk with many of them regularly.”

Deciding which of her experiences at Baylor most contributed to rounding out her diversity of thought is tough for Nicky, but the trip to Washington D.C. had a big impact on her. She found tremendous value in the hands-on experience gained during the week of studying public policy and meeting with law makers. She describes the trip much the way someone might describe a trip to Disneyworld, only she's not talking about Mickey Mouse. “I got to meet Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke,” she recalls enthusiastically. “Who gets to do that?”

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