Ghazanfar Haider

Baylor EMBA 2016
Director of IT, Wick Phillips Gould & Martin, LLP

"Designing his own plan"

Ghazanfar Haider intended to join his father’s manufacturing business in Pakistan after graduating from Middlesex University with a major in Business Information Systems. Even then an MBA was part of his long term plan with no definitive framework on how or when to pursue it.

However, life had other plans. After moving to the US Ghazanfar joined a software company that eventually led him to become an IT manager at a law firm in the healthcare industry. He gained an appreciation for budgeting and understanding for the logistics of decisions. Although his plans of joining the family business changed over time, he came full circle to earn his MBA to obtain the depth and breadth of business acumen that he had always wanted.

Ghazanfar ultimately chose Baylor University for a variety of reasons. “The Baylor schedule accommodates busy professionals," indicated Ghazanfar. Having a flexible Friday and Saturday schedule allowed him to balance the work-life-family dynamic. The ability to choose one’s own study groups facilitated effective learning in addition to career networking. This was actually one of his favorite parts of the program. “As a group we analyzed things uniquely according to our individual backgrounds and our interactions went beyond the classroom," commented Ghazanfar. “Above all, we made good colleagues and friends for life."

Baylor’s EMBA program is renowned for its faculty and providing its students with an appropriate variation of both theory and practical knowledge. “Professors go out of their way to help the students learn," emphasized Ghazanfar. “I learned to approach negotiations with a standardized protocol so that all parties involved can maximize everyone’s benefits." Ghazanfar also enjoyed the advantages of being located at the renowned Cooper Center. "The facility is great for keeping a healthy life style," declared Ghazanfar.

Since completing his MBA, Ghazanfar is now the Director of IT at the law firm of Wick Phillips Gould & Martin, LLP in Dallas. Here he benefited greatly from the EMBA program and utilized the skills he acquired in several domains including employee management, allocation of resources for strategic decisions, and budget forecasting.

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