Gary Carini
Vice Provost for Professional Graduate Programs
Tim Kayworth
Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs
Allison Alford
Strategic Communication
Brad Beauvais
Adjunct Professor of Finance
AJ Burns
Cyber Security Fundamentals
Soku Byoun
Business Foundations Finance
Charles Davis
Managerial Accounting
Mark Dunn
Professor of Marketing
Carie Ford
Business Foundations Accounting
Van Gray
Operations Management
Emily Hunter
Managing for Higher Performance
Peter Klein
Professor of Entrepreneurship
Jeremy McElroy
Business Statistics
Chris Meyer
Assistant Professor of Management
C. Scott Omo
Business Foundations Business Law
Matt Pirko
Organization Strategies for Cyber Security
Chris Pullig
Strategic Brand Management
April Rowsey
Management Communication
Betsy Willis
Business Foundations Accounting
Phil Young
Assistant Clinical Professor - Information Systems

Master of Business Administration

Hankamer School of Business

Baylor MBA programs combine rigorous, customized classroom learning and real-world experience in equipping today's business professionals to lead with excellence, integrity, and ingenuity in the global marketplace.

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