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Healthcare & Management Certificate

Disrupt your healthcare organization before your competitors do. Accelerate your career growth. In 2017, healthcare became the largest employer in the US. Financial challenges rank No. 1 on the list of hospital CEO's top concerns (ACHE, 2018.) Do you have the right skills to help your healthcare organization find solutions for the challenges ahead?

The purpose of the Healthcare Innovation and Management Certificate is to enable you to develop business acumen specific to the health care industry in a reduced timeframe without committing to a complete master's degree.

The Experience

In this program, you'll engage with a diverse group of healthcare professionals from clinicians to financial analysts to IT specialists. The program is approximately 7 - 11 months and students will have up to 2 years to complete all the courses.

By the end of the program, you will understand

  • How policy and law impact the American Healthcare System.
  • Financial factors impacting healthcare organizations.
  • Economic models and considerations in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Technology and innovation's application in healthcare.

MBA Credit

Students may select a professional certificate option or a for-credit option. Students electing the for-credit option and who successfully complete the graduate certificate may apply these credits to earning an Executive MBA degree.

  • Healthcare Law: Application & Strategy
  • Aligning Healthcare IT Business Enterprise
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Healthcare Finance

Students can register for one course or the entire certificate. Discounts for Baylor alums and Affiliate Partner companies are available. Contact for details.

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Design Your Life - Austin

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Saturday Intensive

Designing Your Life Registration

What's "Design Thinking" and how does it apply to my life and career? 

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving and innovation through prototype iteration. Design takes a highly collaborative and hands-on approach to conceiving a new solution and expects to learn by doing and through feedback iterating real ideas in the real world.

While some people really do know what they want to do with their lives, the large majority of people have to try a few things out and learn as they go.

In design, these are called "prototypes". Every prototype provides an opportunity to learn.

Get Started

Designed for a busy professional, this DYL Lab makes the most of our time together. Based on the New York Times number-one best seller and wildly popular Stanford University course, DYL applies “design thinking” to architect your own roadmap.

You will leave with clarity regarding where you are right now, new ways to frame problems you’ve been trying to solve for a while, insights on how to hone your decision making, and three possible future paths – Odyssey Plans – for your life. You will do all this in a fast paced collaborative community helping one another design a unique journey toward a well-lived, joyful life.

Radical Collaboration

Are you ready to learn the principles of Design Thinking in a fun, useful, and meaningful way? Design Thinking is a dynamic process for approaching tough-to-solve questions. Once you've applied it to your life, you will see how the tools can help you solve your "wicked problems" in the workplace.

Email Stacy McCracken for more information.

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This training is possible through the collaborative work of Baylor Executive MBA and Stanford's Life Design Studio.

Executive Presence

Type “executive presence” into google and you will get roughly 229M hits. This is a term that is frequently tossed around in business circles, leadership discussions, and in talks around the world. What does it really mean?

Executive presence is more than simply communicating effectively. It’s a skill that when done well inspires confidence, provokes action, and builds trust. While some seem to be born with it, Executive presences takes practice to develop.

We are leveraging some of the latest technology to help personalize your Executive Presence development. We want you to be authentic and comfortable as you lead and inspire your teams.

Executive Presence relies heavily on your ability to communicate. Anyone with the desire to strengthen their Executive Presence must also strengthen their communication skills.

Next Session - Sept. 2020
  • Live Workshop: 1/month (2 hrs – Monday night)
  • Live Group Coaching Call: 1/month (Lunch time)
  • 6-month access to online communication/learning platform and tools
  • Access to a personal use space where you can practice key messages privately for your team or business

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We will focus on common Executive Scenarios from communicating difficult information to motivating your team. We will even spend some time discussing the opportunities where you wish you might have a “do over” when it comes to communicating.


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