Karen Turnquest

Karen Turnquest
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Executive MBA 2007
Business Strategist and Consultant

The Austin Executive MBA program is often credited by alumni for giving them the tools to succeed or advance in their careers or providing the inspiration and support necessary to become an entrepreneur.

For Karen Turnquest, the Executive MBA program not only provided the tools to help her succeed, but it also introduced a new way of looking at the business world. Turnquest, an engineer who holds two Masters of Science degrees, recalls that the program, “taught me to view business in a holistic way. I stopped having tunnel vision and started seeing things much more broadly. I learned about diversity of thought and how different perspectives come together to create good solutions.”

Equipped with a new way of looking and thinking about the business world, Turnquest decided to change careers. She went from a career in engineering research and development to one in organizational development and change.

Today, Turnquest works with organizations and speaks to audiences around the country. She focuses on helping both individuals and organizations position themselves to maintain consistent performance through all types of external conditions.

In addition to sitting on the Advisory Board for the Austin Executive MBA program, Karen is the National Business Development Representative for World Class Coaches.

Master of Business Administration

Hankamer School of Business

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