Taunya Williams

Baylor EMBA, 2013
Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Highmark Health.
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"Grow in Confidence and Expertise through the Baylor EMBA"

Taunya Williams always dreamed that one day she would earn her MBA. Life dealt her some unexpected turns, but through several moves, job changes, and raising her children, that MBA dream stayed alive. Finally in 2011, she decided that if she didn’t do it now, she might never do it. Amidst a very hectic life with family responsibilities, children playing high school and college sports, travel and a full time job, Taunya knew she just had to jump in. Baylor’s schedule and collaborative environment were the top reasons it first grabbed her attention. “I knew in the interview that Baylor was the place for me. The atmosphere and culture was nurturing and rigorous - I knew that would benefit me."

Even as Taunya started the application process, she was still plagued with waves of doubt and apprehension. She had been out of the classroom several years and with a career in marketing, the accounting side was not as familiar. This was going to stretch her in ways that would definitely take her outside of her comfort zone. “I decided to just do it afraid." To Taunya, the MBA was the 'Holy Grail’ and the benefits far outweighed the challenges, so being scared was ok. She didn’t want to wait two more years and then realize if she had just taken the leap, she would be finished. She jumped in with both feet and became a member of the Baylor EMBA Class of 2013.

Taunya’s confidence began to grow as each semester passed. She was impressed with the support of the faculty and her classmates. “The small class environment was crucial - we had many diverse personalities and skill sets, which in the end made it extremely valuable." Taunya really relied on her classmates to help her through some of the classes, such as accounting, in which she did not have as much experience. “My classmates definitely helped me with quantitative coursework and every semester I realized what I brought to the table and how we utilized everyone strengths." Together, they sharpened each other and came out of the program as decisive leaders.

The impact of the MBA helped Taunya pursue another goal, and that was transiting back in to the healthcare industry. Taunya had reached the ceiling with her position in the banking industry and wanted to get back to an industry in which she had great passion. “The switch was not easy but the MBA was essential in getting me there." Taunya is currently the Assistant Vice President in Marketing for Viverae, a workplace wellness program provider.

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