Marissa Ransdell

Marissa Ransdell
Baylor EMBA, 2020
Vice President, Marketing, ActivePure Medical

"The ROI of a Baylor EMBA: Accelerating Your Career Trajectory"

As VP of Marketing for ActivePure Medical, Marissa Ransdell knows a thing or two about how to tell a story. When asked about why she chose to pursue an EMBA to advance her career in marketing, she explained: “For marketing to be successful, you need to understand every touchpoint of the company with the customer and how each division impacts a customer's experience with your brand.”

Ransdell continued, “My MBA has provided me with strategic vision and knowledge on how to best collaborate with other division leaders. With this mindset, I can make an impact on areas that are not my expertise. Because of the program, I [can] speak the lingo and felt confident in being heard.”

Professional Benefits

Ransdell is also quick to quantify the practical return on a Baylor EMBA. When she started the program, she was a Senior Marketing Director. The impact of her MBA was immediately evident, as it enabled her to negotiate a raise in her salary for that position. After outgrowing that position, Ransdell left to join a larger firm where she is helping launch their medical division. “While I did not expect to make VP at such a young age, I am confident that my education provided the edge I needed to reach this level of success so soon,” she said.

Other professional advantages to the EMBA program included, for Ransdell, membership into the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) as well as a variety of Baylor networking opportunities. Ransdell advises other EMBA students to “view professional development and your online brand as part of your job … LinkedIn is such a useful resource during your program and after.”

Why the Baylor EMBA in Dallas?

Ransdell said she specifically chose Baylor for its healthcare focus in the MBA program. “It was one of the only programs I found that offered healthcare for non-clinical professionals, and they offered it in Dallas - where I live and work. Most of my career has been in healthcare, but healthcare is such a large industry. It was great to dive deeper into that world while also enhancing my knowledge in other areas that I didn’t expect to impact me as much such as operations or human resources.”

Besides the positive environment, Ransdell shared that she found the program schedule aligned well with her own busy schedule, and that the costs were extremely competitive when compared to other in-person programs without the same specialty being offered. She also noted, “If you’re second-guessing if you’ll be able to do it or if you’re worthy, you are; and, you’ll have an entire team dedicated to your success.”

When asked about other reasons she enjoyed her Baylor experience, Ransdell responded: “I’m grateful for the confidence and collaboration instilled in me through the program and after having completed the program when working with [executive coaches] at Baylor. I learned so much about myself, my non-negotiables, and creative ways to think of a compensation package outside of financial terms. There’s so much more that impacts your lifestyle, happiness, and well-being than a salary.”

Personal Development

As a busy VP and “self-described workaholic and people-pleaser”, Ransdell shared that the EMBA program taught her “the importance of saying no and making [herself] a priority.”

After all, “free time does not mean you have an open schedule - rest is important. [The EMBA] made me a more present, effective, and intentional individual.”

The Baylor Difference

And finally, Ransdell explained why her time at Baylor is still so important to her – the relationships she formed. She said, “we had such a great cohort and had the luxury of being able to meet in person regularly, both for class and for study groups. We viewed each other as a team and knew we would all succeed, together.”

Ransdell continued on to say that regular outside-class meetings and the occasional social hour created a bond with her cohort that will “last for life”. She said “I see some of my former classmates monthly and talk to most of them on a monthly or even more frequent occasion. We do a great job of keeping in touch for personal and career milestones. We are excited to reunite with some of our out-of-town cohort members at the annual Christmas party.”

Her final takeaways from the EMBA? Ransdell says: “Like most things in life, the program is what you make it. The faculty and staff are dedicated to your success. It’s a busy time in your life, but you can build those connections with them just as you would your cohort. The same goes for other cohorts and alumni. There are so many events and opportunities for participation. I am a first-generation college student. I plan to be a mother one day, and I want my future children to see my example to know they’re capable and worthy of investing further in their future.”

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