Dr. Carlos Ramirez

Baylor EMBA Healthcare Class of 2014
Vice President, Regional Medical Officer, Schumacher Clinical Partners

"Expanded His Expertise"

Carlos Ramirez is an expert in the field of medicine. As an emergency room doctor, he knew the ins and outs of procedures, but he wanted to expand his leadership role.  “As physicians, we do not know how to analyze business issues; we have only been trained to treat patients not to relate with sales people, administration, and hospital budgets.” Now that Carlos is an alumnus, he credits skills such as conflict resolution, operations, negotiations, marketing, and the ability to analyze financials as important components in his day-to-day role as the Client Service Medical Officer of eleven different ERs.

As a CEO, Carlos used these skills acquired in the Baylor EMBA program to create the business model for Epical HealthMed Solutions.  He was able to increase efficiency and reduce personnel in the medical office with very positive results.  In doing this, Carlos cited his negotiation skills attained in the EMBA program as a major advantage and he has realized how important marketing is to every business.  Carlos is thankful for the ability to speak the language of business, enabling him to communicate his vision to other leaders.

As Carlos’ professional career has flourished, he credits the EMBA program for much of his success.  He believes the MBA was the foundation he needed to fully understand his own strengths and weaknesses.

When Carlos was a student, he learned the fine art of balancing 12 hour emergency-room shifts, family and school work, all while commuting from Mission, TX. Carlos credits his classmates and professors for helping with this balance. “My classmates were very flexible and accommodating to my schedule. We would Skype, text, call and the professors were accessible and responded quickly.” These relationships have lasted beyond the classroom, as Carlos stays in touch with his professors and classmates.

“I use the MBA to the fullest extent.  There is not one day that I don’t use these skills.”

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