Fabian Camacho

Baylor EMBA 2017
Senior Director of Projects, NextEra Energy, Inc.

“Elements of Success: Support, commitment, and perseverance" 

There are times in one’s career when a decision needs to be made about the future of your family and overall career happiness. Prior to that pivotal decision point, Fabian Camacho led a successful career in engineering and management, but as growth opportunities began to plateau, the decision to pursue an MBA was imminent. The attainment of an MBA degree would strengthen and accelerate Fabian’s growth while equipping him with leadership tools and enhancing his business acumen to become an integral part of the leadership team at NextEra Energy. The knowledge gained would allow Fabian to combine prior engineering experiences with current business practices and the theory to make a positive contribution to the future of NextEra Energy.

In looking at potential MBA programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Fabian was struck by the alignment of values promoted at Baylor University and those to which he already ascribed. Like NextEra Energy, Baylor represented values such as family, integrity, doing the right thing, treating people with respect and commitment to excellence. Fabian looked forward to being within an environment of peers that acknowledged the importance of these values coupled with furthering education. A constant reminder from his company leaders that struck a chord with Fabian - to seek experiences and hone in on your personal and leadership skills - led Fabian to Baylor.

With the support of his family and company, Fabian fully committed himself to the program, and during that time, he was promoted to Senior Director of Generating Equipment within the Power Generation Division at NextEra Energy. As a result of this promotion, Fabian has since been commuting to Dallas from Juno Beach, Florida on class weekends. A further sign of his faith in the value of this program and his commitment to furthering his leadership skills, in addition to attending Baylor, Fabian has simultaneously obtained his Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Among the many lessons taught during Baylor's MBA program, that of perseverance in achieving excellence has symbolized Fabian's journey thus far and he knows will continue to serve him in his career and throughout his life ahead.

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