The admission process is the first step toward earning your degree or certificate. Our very reasonable admission requirements allow students from diverse academic backgrounds greater access to our Online MBA or Graduate Business Certificate programs. 

2021/2022 Application and Other Important Deadlines

There's no better time to begin your Online MBA or Certificate than now. We offer multiple start dates per year and the convenience of a fast application-to-start calendar so you don't have to apply months before you want to start your degree program.

Term Application Deadline Document Deadline Registration Deadline Payment Deadline Class Start Date Class End Date
Fall 2 (2021) Sept. 20, 2021 Sept. 27, 2021 Oct. 8, 2021 Oct. 13, 2021 Oct. 18, 2021 Dec. 1, 2021
Spring 1 Dec. 2, 2021 Dec. 9, 2021 Dec. 31, 2021 Jan. 5, 2022 Jan. 10, 2022 Feb. 22, 2022
Spring 2 Feb. 7, 2022 Feb. 14, 2022 Feb. 25, 2022 Mar. 2, 2022 Mar. 7, 2022 Apr. 19, 2022
Summer 1 Apr. 4, 2022 Apr. 11, 2022 Apr. 22, 2022 Apr. 27, 2022 May 2, 2022 June 14, 2022
Summer 2 May 30, 2022 June 6, 2022 June 17, 2022 June 22, 2022 June 27, 2022 Aug. 9, 2022
Fall 1 July 25, 2022 Aug. 1, 2022 Aug. 12, 2022 Aug. 17, 2022 Aug. 22, 2022 Oct. 4, 2022
Fall 2 Sept. 19, 2022 Sept. 26, 2022 Oct. 7, 2022 Oct. 12, 2022 Oct. 17, 2022 Nov. 30, 2022

Application Deadline: Application must be submitted via your Graduate Application Portal by this date to be considered for your desired term of entry.

Document Deadline: Official transcripts from each institution you have attended and test scores (if applicable) must be submitted by this date to enter your desired term.

Registration Deadline: Last day to register for courses in your desired term.

Payment Deadline: Payment is due by this date.

The Application Process

Step 1. Start Application

The 2022 and 2023 Online MBA and Certificate applications are currently available. Your application will be reviewed when it is received along with all required materials. For the Online MBA, once you have started your application, select "MBA - Online" as your Degree of Interest.

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Step 2. Submit Your Required Materials

Undergraduate Transcripts

A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in the U.S. or proof of equivalent training at a foreign university is required. Transcripts are required only from degree-granting institutions of bachelor's and higher degrees. The transcript from the institution you graduated from must show proof of degree. Transcripts are not required for transfer credits.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial copies of transcripts and test scores are acceptable for the evaluation process. You can upload unofficial copies of transcripts with your application.

Official Transcripts

If the Business School approves your application for admission, you will need to send official transcripts in order to complete the admission process and be eligible for future course registration.

It may take some time for your official transcripts to reach Baylor. If you are submitting your application close to or on the application deadline date, we encourage you to submit official copies of transcripts with your application. Baylor students and graduates need to request a Baylor transcript from the Registrar's Office: Request Baylor transcripts.

Review the delivery instructions for official transcripts.


A detailed current resume, indicating professional work experience, including start and end dates (month and year) for each position held is required. Provide accomplishments and skills acquired, including managerial experience.

A one-page cover letter is optional. The cover letter should include reasons why you are qualified for a place in the Online MBA or Graduate Business Certificate program and define how your participation will add value to the program, as well as explain any other useful information, just as if you were applying for a professional position.

Work Experience

While admission to the Baylor Online MBA or Graduate Business Certificate program is based on a holistic review of your file, the average student shows 10 or more years of full-time, post-graduate work experience. Your career progression will be considered as well as whether you have had direct reports, managed projects and budgets or held significant leadership roles.

Three Letters of Recommendation**

Include three professional letters of recommendation from employers or superiors who can attest to your talents, professional skills, work accomplishments and qualifications for consideration as a Baylor Online MBA student. Submit contact information for your three references when completing your application.

** Not required for certificate-seeking applicants.

International Students

English Language Tests: All foreign national applicants are required to provide a score from the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic test. Minimum scores are required.

Foreign Transcripts: If you are an international applicant or attended a foreign university, please follow the guidelines for foreign transcripts.

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