Student Profile - Entering in 2022

Applicant Pool and Class Size

Applications Received
Two YR MBA Degree 117
One YR MBA Degree (Joint Degrees and Healthcare Pre-Clinical Track) 25
Total - MBA Program 142
Applications Accepted
Two YR MBA Degree 64
One YR MBA Degree 17
Total - MBA Program 81
Size of Entering Class
Two YR MBA Degree 47
One YR MBA Degree 12
Total - MBA Program 59

Academic Profile

Average GPA
Two YR MBA Degree 3.46
One YR MBA Degree 3.78
Total - MBA Program 3.53
Average GMAT
Two YR MBA Degree 624
One YR MBA Degree N/A
Total - MBA Program 624
Average GRE*
Two YR MBA Degree 309
One YR MBA Degree 309
Total - MBA Program 309
Average Post-Baccalaureate Work Experience
Two YR MBA Degree 19 months
One YR MBA Degree <1 year
Total - MBA Program 16 months

Demographics - Total MBA Program

Minority (U.S. Students) 32% 
Women 39%
International Students 22%
Undergraduate Degrees 
Business & Commerce 37%
Economics 3%
Engineering 7%
Humanities 10%
Sciences 24%
Social Sciences 10%
Other 8%
Geographic Representation 
Midwest 5%
Northeast 0%
Southwest 59%
South 5%
West 8%
International 22%

Last Updated: 11/21/2022  

*The Full-Time MBA does not factor the Analytical Writing Ability (AWA) score into the total GRE score. The total GRE score consists of the quantitative and verbal sections with each being a maximum of 170 points.  While the AWA section is important, it is evaluated separately from the total score. 

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