Executive MBA - Austin Achieve Learn/Life Balance.

You're a business professional with real-world experience, ready to advance your career and grow in leadership capacity. But how do you keep pace with your current career and homelife all while going back to school? You enroll in a program whose core belief is based on balance.

We call it the Learn/Life Balance™, and it's how we make earning an elite Baylor EMBA not just aspirational, but achievable.

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Program at a Glance

There are unrivaled benefits to hands on, face-to-face learning, so we've created a streamlined approach that is both practical and personalized, directly addressing the areas most critical to sustainability, satisfaction, and success when considering a graduate program.


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Commitment One night a week (Mondays) for 21 months, we bring students together for a customized, technology-enhanced classroom experience.
Convenience Classes are located just 3 miles north of the Domain near the intersection of Parmer Lane and Mopac.
Class Size Our class size is capped at 36 students resulting in a tight-knit cohort with maximized faculty-to-student interaction.
Cost Competitively priced tuition and scholarship availability equal maximum ROI. Plus, individuals who earn an MBA increase their salaries by an average of 64% within 3 years of graduating.
Confidence Our engaged faculty create a collaborative classroom environment where every student's contribution is encouraged.
Criteria No GMAT or GRE test scores are required for Baylor EMBA admission. Students have an average of 12 years of experience with a minimum of 5 years required for admission.

By the Numbers

in Texas for Women, Financial Times 2019 EMBA Rankings
EMBA Program for US Based Programs, Financial Times 2019 EMBA Rankings
EMBA Programs, QS World University Rankings
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Baylor MBA programs combine rigorous, customized classroom learning and real-world experience in equipping today's business professionals to lead with excellence, integrity, and ingenuity in the global marketplace.

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