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Baylor Business MBA

Nissy Mycle

MBA Concentration: Healthcare Administration

Graduation Year: 2020

From: Chicago, Illinois

What was your biggest surprise in coming to Baylor?

The biggest surprise/relief since joining the Baylor community is the level of support and friendly atmosphere that welcomed me here. Especially being from out of state, it's so helpful to have a network of peers that look out for each other and build each other up both inside and outside the classroom.

What was the transition process like for you moving to Waco and then starting the program?

I've moved across states on my own multiple times now so I was more or less used to moving to a place where I don't know anyone. But this move was different, because I've never had an experience that made me feel like at home as quick as this move has. It may also be due to the fact that those of us who did business foundations together had no choice but to get here and go full-speed with school so we all had only each other to rely on and build endurance through the heavy semester.

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