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Baylor Business MBA

Ginnie Berg

MBA Concentration: Healthcare Administration

Graduation Year: 2020

From: Baytown, Texas

What was the deciding factor in choosing Baylor University for your MBA degree?

Baylor has a great program for Hospital Administration, especially with the required residency. I loved how small the program is and the overall culture of Baylor.

What was the transition process like for you moving to Waco and then starting the program?

I can't really speak about my transition to Waco because I came in 4 years ago as a Freshman and that was much different, but I have really enjoyed showing my new classmates around, giving them recommendations, and helping them with all things Baylor! The transition into the program is different. I am very glad I took the summer business foundations because it served as a stepping stone from undergrad to full grad school. It is much like the step up from high school to college, there is a learning curve, but with such a close nit community, it is much easier.

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