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Baylor Business MBA

Arjun Azavedo

MBA Concentration: Marketing

Graduation Year: 2019

From: Pune, Maharashtra India

What was your work and/or school experience before the MBA program?

I have a Bachelor in Science degree specializing in Economics. I spent 4 years working in Business Operations on the automation and streamlining of the cash to delivery process of HR software at SAP.

What was your biggest surprise in coming to Baylor?

For me the biggest surprise was how close knit the program is and how responsive everyone is which is not something I would expect in a big business program. Coming to another country and new environment can be stressful with the fear of getting 'lost in the crowd' but the faculty and staff and students at Baylor ensure that you get information as soon as you need it and are extremely approachable. This feeling of being available for everyone sets a very positive tone for the MBA program.

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