Spotlight on MBA Interns

Baylor Business MBA

How MBA students blend classroom learning with industry experience to develop their professional skills.

Internship: Cavan Solutions, Washington, D.C.
Course: Decision Making with Excel

While completing his undergraduate degree in Finance and Supply Chain Management from Baylor, Mark Vincent knew he wanted to pursue an MBA. He also knew an internship would be key to creating a path for a successful career.

Internship - Vincent

Vincent quickly identified courses that would help him prepare for an internship in finance. The Decision Making with Excel course enabled him to review spend analysis, contract task orders, and budgeting. Participation in MBA case competitions further enhanced Vincent's analytical and problem-solving skills, and he now gains satisfaction from solving a problem that does not necessarily have a correct answer.

"While Baylor's MBA program has prepared me for this internship, Cavan Solutions strives daily to ensure that I stay on track with my goals," Vincent said. "My favorite part of working as a Business/Financial Specialist is driving real world solutions that make a difference to a group of people you care about. The ability to structure financial statements in a way that eases data aggregation and accessibility is creating an opportunity for me to make a real-world impact on Cavan Solutions."

Internship: Essilor, Dallas, TX
Course: Marketing Strategy

After earning her undergraduate degree in Medical Humanities, Aineta Dunn worked for a financial firm on the insurance benefits side of the company, first in customer service and eventually as an account administrator for larger accounts. After a few years of experience Dunn decided it was time for a career change, which required going back to school for an MBA degree.

Internship - Dunn

As an intern at Essilor, Dunn is pleased with the amount of ownership she has over her projects. "My current project is creating a go-to-market strategy for one of Essilor’s technologies," Dunn said. "I've been able to reference materials from my marketing courses to help build and design this plan."

Dunn has learned that Essilor strives day to day to live out its mission, which is: Improving Lives by Improving Sight. "I enjoy being involved in an organization that recognizes the importance of giving back, which is something Essilor stands for and is a quality they noticed in me."

"This is also why I am grateful to attend a school that really strives to incorporate Christian values into the program so that as leaders we can build and create organizations based on those same principles," Dunn said.

Internship: AT&T, Dallas, TX
Course: Organizational Behavior

Originally from Marietta, GA, RJ Deaton enlisted in the Army Reserves to pay for undergrad where he graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Sociology.

He then commissioned into active duty as an Army Intelligence Officer and served in a range of positions from the Infantry in Baghdad, Iraq; to a Special Operations Officer for Psychological Operations in North Carolina; to a Project Manager for senior strategic operations at the National Security Agency in D.C.

Internship - Deaton

"I left the Army to pursue my MBA as I knew it was the best way to transition and later achieve my long-term goals," Deaton said. "I chose Baylor for the pillar of ethics in which they stand behind. Too often in my military career did I see what a lack of ethics can do to people and the choices they make under duress. It was refreshing to find a school that understood that, and truly wanted to engrain that into future leaders."

Now interning for AT&T, Deaton has been surprised by the uncanny similarities between the military and corporate structure, such as information channels, office bureaucracies, ordinal ranking structure, and chain of command.

"My favorite part has been sitting in on Assistant VP meetings with their individual teams," Deaton explained. "They cover every aspect of their team’s operations to ensure churn, profit and loss issues and solutions, along with efficiency in general business in order to communicate it to their chain of command."

"I see these meetings as the main reason I chose an MBA; all those items covered in these meetings are indeed what makes an MBA so important," Deaton said.

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