Baylor Business MBA

Values - Transformation Richard

Richard Gibbs received his undergraduate degree in marketing with a minor in film from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. After working for three years at a promotional marketing company developing videos and ad campaigns, he began the joint MBA/MSIS program in the fall of 2017. At Baylor Richard brings a creative background and a desire to help others. He is part of the marketing team at One Heart, a non-profit organization that fosters the professional development of juveniles transitioning into the prison system.

As an undergrad Richard focused on the creative side of advertising which encompasses writing, filming and editing commercials. After working in the industry he saw how the field is becoming increasingly reliant on exploiting big data and decided to study information systems in addition to general business. “I had to use my resources to transform myself in a way,” he explains, “With marketing I want to see the entire process through to completion.”

After graduation Richard hopes to be proficient in both the strategic phase of advertising that uses data analytics as well as the creative process that results in the final product.

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