Baylor Business MBA

Values - Impact Priscilla

Priscilla James is completing her second semester in the Baylor MBA program with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. After receiving her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Spanish she founded Priscilla’s Joyful Events through which she provides cost-effective event planning, coordinating and decorating to individuals overwhelmed by life’s circumstances. At Baylor she redirected her focus to planning events for nonprofits and business as missions companies. She also manages an online devotional website.

The faculty at Baylor have made a significant impact on Priscilla’s experience in graduate school. She recounts being in Dr. Bill Petty’s last class before retirement, “On the final day of class he recited the final scene of Don Quixote to instill in us that the way we treat others can have a powerful impact on how they perceive themselves. This one moment reinforced not only my business plans but how I treat others.” Priscilla hopes to continue making positive impacts as an MBA Ambassador.

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