Baylor Business MBA

Values - Learning SP18


Rahim Ali received his BBA in Economics from Baylor. Following graduation he worked in multiple departments of a healthcare IT company for two years as a business analyst and project manager. In the fall of 2017 he returned to Baylor to pursue the MBA with a concentration in Healthcare. A significant component of his graduate experience has been Baylor’s partnership with the local Family Health Center. Students visit the hospital to observe operations and interview patients and doctors with the ongoing objective of improving the quality of care.

Learning has been at the core of Rahim’s academic and professional experiences. “While working I had no formal IT training. I had to adapt to different projects as assigned,” he explains. “I’m coming back to my MBA because I thrive in the academic environment and hope to intertwine that with professional growth. I’m not satisfied with understanding just one perspective.” Passionate instructors facilitate this learning. Rahim mentions Colonels Scott Garner and Thomas Haines in particular as exercising a valuable servant-leadership mentality. “These people have served as executives of multiple hospitals and managed thousands of employees, but they’re also humble and patient with these students who are just getting into healthcare.”

After completing the MBA program Rahim hopes to seek a formal operational role in a hospital.

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