Baylor Business MBA

Values - Excellence - SP18


Miranda Bengston is a first-semester MBA candidate at Baylor. Though she received her undergraduate degree in finance and psychology, she worked for the following years as a professional dancer in New York City before being recruited by Disney to perform at their resort in Orlando. This position allowed her to directly observe how the company’s executives made a positive impact through charitable giving. Miranda hopes the MBA program will shape her to become a professional with similar influence in order to improve the opportunities available to underprivileged communities.

As a business student Miranda brings a set of unique experiences and creative perspectives to the classroom. In turn she feels supported by her peers to succeed academically. “All my classmates are constantly striving for excellence. They’re not just trying to get by. We also encourage each other to do our best, which is a unique attribute.” Baylor faculty have also impacted Miranda’s experience in the Graduate School. “All of my professors are dedicated to breaking down habits and walls that would prevent you from reaching your potential. They put you on the spot and challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone.”

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