Baylor Business MBA

Values - Teamwork SP18


Chris Soekinto received his undergraduate degree in corporate finance from Ohio State University in 2014. He began the MBA program in Fall of 2017 after working in the healthcare sector in Dallas. So far his favorite class has been Marketing - “It’s very dynamic. Dr. Mirabito is very hands-on. We’re going to hospitals and conducting surveys and doing research.”

Originally from Indonesia, Chris brings a unique background and a different point of view to Baylor and in turn learns from his peers. To Chris this collaboration is indispensable to the program’s learning environment - “I really value teamwork here because we support each other. We need to realize we’re good at one thing and another person might be better at another. We make each other better versions of ourselves. We study together and we help each other out.”

Following graduation Chris hopes to further his professional development in a new industry; he finds technology particularly appealing for its dynamic and high levels of innovation.

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