Baylor Business MBA


After receiving her undergraduate degree with a major in communications and a minor in business, Ashley Willard is an MBA candidate in her second semester at Baylor. In the past she has worked for Enterprise and Target, but felt led to pursue the MBA to learn more about the non-profit side of management and corporate responsibility. In the program she feels encouraged to explore her passions through its open curriculum. “Baylor is very open - you can develop your own curriculum by mixing undergrad and graduate classes that can lead you to your life goals.”

Ashley furthered her experience by traveling to Athens and working as a Business Development Intern for an evangelical church supported by Baylor. The initiative hopes to spur the Greek economic community from its roots by providing professional support for the unemployed or underemployed interested in starting a business. Ashley worked primarily in marketing and communications by assisting with the program’s website, advertising and customer relations.

She hopes to support the establishment of the program as an internship opportunity for future MBA students interested in nonprofit business development, global sustainability and economic development. “It’s not launched yet, but with me going, the department knows it’s possible.”

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