Baylor Business MBA

Values - Innovation SP18


Akshay Krishna began the joint MBA/MSIS program in 2016. Prior to starting the degree he worked as a data analyst with IBM for three years after receiving his undergraduate degree in engineering in India. He came to know Baylor through a cousin in Dallas and chose the dual program to enhance his technical background while simultaneously developing his passion for business. “Management is the art of application of science. I felt there was a gap in my career.”

To Akshay innovation is essential not only in the technical sense but also in personal development - “Innovation is inventing myself by doing something creative. I strive to change myself to be approachable.” He explains that after working in the fast-paced technology industry, he must now learn patience. He believes the contrast between the former setting and the learning environment at Baylor can be attributed to the patience of the faculty. “Here it feels like a family. The professors have to be both directive and supportive. They acknowledge that students have different needs and the flexibility ensures that everyone is comfortable.”

Though Akshay considers returning to the technology sector after graduation, he is open to any industry with data analytics or business insight needs.

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