Baylor Business MBA

Values - Integrity SP18


Lauren McCoy received her undergraduate degree in business from the University of Oklahoma in 2012. Following graduation she worked as a youth minister in Amarillo for three years before coming to Baylor to pursue her joint master’s degree in Divinity and Business Administration. With the M.Div. from Baylor’s Truett Seminary, Lauren takes a non-traditional approach to business and brings a unique perspective to the MBA program by focusing on a company’s ethical aspects and its influence on the community.

To Lauren integrity is more important than experience. “In business it’s easy to take the easy route. Integrity is knowing who you are and pushing yourself in challenging situations.” She appreciates the character of her professors, particularly that of Dr. Carlson. “She tries to get to know students and then pull from their background. There’s integrity in her teaching. She’s very authentic, very prepared, and she pushes boundaries to help us break outside the box.”

Overall Lauren describes graduate school as an experience that has solidified her faith and fostered her personal growth. “Baylor tries to form you into your own unique person. In the business world, people are persuasive. I’ve had to lean on my own beliefs and trust in what God has done to put me here. I’ve learned a lot about contentment and identity.”

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