Baylor Business MBA

Values - Leadership SP18


Rachel Cragg is a joint-degree JD/MBA student. After sitting for the Texas bar exam this past summer, she is focusing on completing her MBA. Though she began graduate school solely a law student, she decided to additionally pursue the MBA after realizing her passion for corporate law. She challenges the idea of a company being a faceless entity - “People work hard and give everything to establish a business. It’s like their child, and someone needs to protect it.”

Rachel is also the founder and president of the Business Law Society, an organization within the otherwise litigation-oriented law school that works to connect students interested in transactional law. She redefines conventional leadership to be about bringing a group together and drawing out each member’s potential - “Often we think of leadership as one person standing at the front who everyone else blindly follows. A good leader listens more than they speak, and they value everyone’s opinion. I think of the leader being more at the back of the room than the front.”

Upon graduation Rachel hopes to return to her hometown of Dallas to practice in the legal department of a company.

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