Grading Scale

Baylor Business MBA

Passing grades for graduate students are:

  • A (4.00)
  • A- (3.67)
  • B+ (3.33)
  • B (3.00)
  • B- (2.67)
  • C+ (2.33)
  • C (2.00)

The grade of C- carries 1.67 grade points per hour, D+ carries 1.33 grade points per hour, D carries one grade point per hour and D- carries .67 grade points per hour. These grades will not apply toward the total number of hours required for program completion.

If a grade of C-, D+, D, D-, or F is made in a required course, the student must repeat the same course at Baylor and make a grade of C or better to meet the degree requirements for graduation.

Courses taken at Baylor may be repeated where the grade received is C+ or lower. Student’s transcripts will reflect both grades and both will be included in the overall grade point average.

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