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The Focus Firm Experience

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The Focus Firm class brings MBA students and companies together in a mutually beneficial partnership. Baylor MBAs experience a true business environment, while company partners have the opportunity to have their business issues analyzed and to hear actionable recommendations.

Each semester a regional, national or multi-national company identifies one or more issues for teams of MBA students to study. With the support of a liaison within the company, the MBA students conduct research during the prescribed semester. Students work closely with the MBA core faculty to gather data and to test proposed solutions before formally presenting their findings and recommendations to the executive leadership of the Focus Firm.

The issues for each project vary from semester to semester, depending on the company. Both the research and recommendations prepared by the students are presented confidentially to the company's executive team. All students and faculty sign non disclosure agreements. The data collected and results presented are not shared with any third party.

Expectations of the Company

Prior to the start of the semester, Baylor faculty coordinate with the company to identify issues that MBA students will study. The students are divided into small groups to research separate issues. The issues can be related but could have a separate focus. Baylor asks the company to be available for an introductory session at the beginning of the semester, which could be held at the company or on campus. The company also hosts the students for a final presentation at the end of the semester. Company representatives listen to the student presentations and provide constructive feedback on their research, analysis, and recommendations.

Expectations of Baylor MBA Students:

Throughout the semester, students study the issues identified by the company. Students communicate regularly with the Focus Firm, providing updates on their research. At the end of the semester, students deliver a final presentation to company executives.

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