Baylor Business MBA

Application Process

Applicants must apply separately to both schools and take either the GMAT or GRE. Your transcripts and letters of recommendation can be used for both applications.

It does not matter which school you apply to first, and you do not need to apply to both schools at the same time. Students often enroll in one program and then decide to apply to the other program.

Length of MBA/MSW Program

The Business School requires MBA/MSW students to take 35 hours of core MBA courses. Since the MBA elective course requirements are waived, the length of the MBA coursework for MBA/MSW students is one year.

The order in which you take courses is different for each student, depending upon which program you start first. Students can choose to start either Business or Social Work School. The length of the program can also vary depending on if you enter the Social Work school under the Advanced Standing Degree or the Standard Degree. The Advanced Standing degree requires the student to complete 29 hours of social work for a total of 62 hours for the joint degree. The Standard degree requires 51 hours of social work for a total of 84 hours for the joint degree.

Grades for each program are recorded separately on your transcript.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each school has different criteria for admission and scholarships. It is possible to get accepted into one program and not the other. Likewise, it is possible to get a full scholarship from one school and nothing from the other school.

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