Your MBA Admissions Team

Baylor Business MBA

Admission Tips

  • The application process is similar with all MBA programs, but read instructions carefully to make sure you understand what a specific school requests.
  • The cover letter is your opportunity to tell us why you applied to the program, what you can offer as a student in the program, and what you expect from an MBA program.
    Check for spelling and grammar. Keep the cover letter to one page.
  • Your resume should be professional and succinct – just as you would present to a potential employer. Be prepared to discuss any part of your resume during your admissions interview.
  • We suggest you ask someone who knows you and can provide examples that show you are a good employee, colleague or student. If it has been a while since you talked with your recommender, take him or her to lunch as a courtesy to bring them up to speed on your career.

    Do not ask the president of a company to write a recommendation if he or she does not know you. Without specific knowledge of your career, abilities or potential, the recommender cannot provide examples and cannot write a detailed recommendation. This will hurt more than it will help.
  • Treat an interview for your MBA program as you would a job interview. Dress appropriately. This is the time to show your business etiquette. We are looking for potential leaders, so if you interview well for your MBA program, we expect you will interview well for your post-MBA job.

    Be prepared to provide examples of your leadership potential, to inform the interviewer about your successes, to give reasons for your choice in applying to the MBA program at XYZ University, and to ask questions of the program/school.

    Interviews may be required or strongly recommended by schools. Check your list of schools to see about interviewing policies. If the school states interviews are optional, we strongly encourage you to go to the campus for an interview. Not only will you see the campus and program, you will give the school a face and personality to go with your application.

    While interviews are typically scheduled, remember that every time you call the admissions office you are being interviewed – whether you speak with a student, administrative assistant or admissions director. Notes are usually made in prospective student files.

Scot Sanders

Scot Sanders
Assistant Director of Admissions
Recruiting| Applications| Campus Visits

Scot is the Assistant Director of Admissions and serves as the initial point of contact for prospective candidates interested in the Baylor MBA program. He handles in-bound inquiries about the program, hosts on-campus visits, manages various marketing initiatives, and works to cultivate a strong network to support the MBA program. He brings professional experience from various fields including non-profit, private aviation, real estate, and hospitality. He holds a BBA in Marketing from Baylor University as well as a Master of Management from Colorado State University.

Scot is available to answer any questions regarding Baylor, the Business School, and/or the MBA program.

Laurie Wilson

Laurie Wilson
Director, Graduate Business Programs
Admission Interviews

Laurie brings 20 years of experience in higher education to the Business School. She oversees the admissions and students services teams and leads the marketing efforts for Baylor’s MBA program. Prior to joining the Business School Laurie worked two and half years in the Baylor Public Relations Office, and before her tenure at Baylor, she worked for nine years with the Central Intelligence Agency, living and serving primarily in Africa. Laurie earned both her BBA and MBA degrees from Baylor.

Laurie is available to answer questions regarding the MBA program.


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