Africa Global Initiative

Baylor Business MBA

What is the Africa Global Initiative?

  • It is an action-based learning activity, not a textbook case study.
  • Africa Initiative
  • It is a 5-week consulting project for a sponsoring company, not a theoretical challenge for an artificial company.
  • It is a international work environment, not a typical classroom setting.

Student teams examine a business challenge for a sponsoring company in Zambia. Baylor students travel to Ndola, Zambia, to meet with business students from Northrise University in Ndola. Together, the students scope the project, talk strategy, collect data, and prepare initial recommendations. After two-three weeks, Baylor students depart Zambia and continue to coordinate the projects from the United States. Students travel to Zambia between late May and mid-June, leaving time to pursue an MBA internship during the remaining months of summer.

Who participates?

In partnership with Northrise University, located in Ndola, Zambia, Baylor MBA students lead a team of business students from Northrise University.

Why participate?

It is a chance to work with a real company in an emerging country to develop a business strategy, assess target markets, propose operational improvements, perform risk analysis, and/or target opportunities for business growth. Objectives of the Africa Global Initiative include:

  • Learning - Expand our international understanding, change our perspective, and provides excellent professional and personal development for Baylor University and its alliance members, students, faculty, staff, alumni and other significant organizational participants.
  • Mission- Help us develop values, traits and qualities consistent with Christian principles to achieve transformational impact, which is central to our life of informed engagement and service to others.
  • Collaboration - Immerse ourselves in a culture of innovation that engages, informs and creates value.
  • Connection - Provide a long-term foundation for mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships.

In summer 2015, projects focused on a community healthcare clinic, outdoor advertising business, and a marketing plan for Northrise University.

Want to participate in the future?

Contact Dr. Van Gray, Professor of Management, Director of Strategic Planning and Accreditation, and Associate Director of for the Center for Nonprofit Leadership, at

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