Non-Degree Seeking Students

Baylor Business MBA

  1. Take graduate level classes as a non-degree student

    If you are currently part of a graduate program at another institution and wish to take classes at Baylor for the purpose of transferring credit back to your graduate institution, you will want to apply to Baylor's Graduate School.

    The application requirements are the same for non-degree applicants and degree seeking applicants. You can apply using the online application selecting the non-degree option. You must submit official transcripts from all institutions you have attended, official GMAT or GRE scores and two letters of recommendation. Non-degree students must satisfy the same admission standards as fully admitted students. This status will give you a graduate transcript.

  2. Take graduate classes before being formally admitted to the Graduate School

    You will need to register as a post baccalaureate student through the undergraduate Admissions Office. Only six hours of graduate-level work may be taken by a post baccalaureate student. This status will give you an undergraduate transcript but will allow you to take graduate courses. You apply through the undergraduate office (254) 710-3435.

    Once you have the post baccalaureate status, you can then register for a graduate course. You will need permission from both the Business and Graduate Schools.

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